What is ‘Save Few Bucks’ all about? The aim of this website is to introduce various money saving ideas that will allow people to live more frugal lives. Visitors to this site are able to find a slew of ideas that will allow them to save money, without appearing stingy. Indeed, Save Few Bucks offers ideas and methods on how to save on vacations, shopping, home improvements and many other expenses a family or single person has to deal with on a daily basis. Save Few Bucks isn’t a site that is out to trick its visitors and does not support quick money ideas or any other, seemingly money grabbing schemes. We merely want to pass on different ways and means for you, the visitor, to procure various services or products without having to pay exorbitant prices or fees.

The writers, who contribute to Save Few Bucks, research thoroughly and glean various tidbits of information that visitors may not have known existed. All the content on the website is original. We also draw inspiration from the experience of other writers. The credit is given where it is due.

This website was started with the sole purpose of providing information and practical ways to save money on everyday stuff in life. Like millions of people I am still discovering new things every day and new ways to save money every day. And as I come across these solutions I put them on the website for everybody to read and benefit from.

By the way if you guys want to know, I am Jaya and I started this website because I am very interested to let everyone know the creative ways people find out to save money. It is quite amazing how little things make a big difference at the end. Like saving on small things now can make you reach a goal sooner than you thought possible.

The thing I realized sooner than later is that there is no shortcut to success and wealth. You have to work for it. And small things like saving money can make a big difference and is often the reason behind success for a lot of people. These small savings can make you rich one day.

Save Few Bucks welcomes comments and other forms of input from visitors and encourages interaction. I would like if you leave your opinion on how I am doing with my goal of collecting and providing information on various ways of saving money.

If you are a frugal person and believe in getting the best without paying an arm and a leg, visit us here at Save Few Bucks and browse the site. Come on in, we’re waiting to help you.