10 Ways To Save Money During Recession

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on October-7-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 Ways To Save Money During Recession. The economy has nowadays become unstable and prone to recessions. This guide will surely help you save money in the most difficult economic times and help you sail through safely without incurring huge debts and loans.

  1. Clear all your debts: Do let debts recur and overburden you. Clear all your debts in time while you still can. Afterwards you should create an emergency account with savings enough to sustain you for about three months to come. This will help you sail through hard economic times.
  2. Invest in education Education is the foundation of success and an important weapon that you can use during a recession. Invest in improving your education as well as the education of your kids. You will be able to build a strong profile that not even recession will be able to shaken.
  3. Repurpose and reuse: Learn to reuse your home supplies. There are many items you can re-purpose and reuse at home. You can use empty spices bottles and tins to store other kitchen items. You can also use old rags and clothes as mops and even empty boxes as cabinets. This will save you the money and hustle of having to buy new items for your home use.
  4. Be conservative: Good saving skills start with good conservation habits. Do not be extravagant with everything that you have. Conserve food, cleaners and even clothes. Learn good food preservation methods that you can use preserve food for later use so that you avoid wastage. You should also keep all home supplies safe and in conducive environments so that they can last longer and function properly.
  5. Choose good insurance plans: Shop for your favorable insurance plan that fits you and your family. Make sure your insurance premiums do not overburden you and make you go into debts. It is such reliable insurance coverage that will help you when you lose your job or even become sick. There are also many insurance companies that you can buy your premiums from at great deals. Take your time and inquire about their terms and make sure the coverage you pay for covers all your needs.
  6. Consider alternatives: During recessions, it is advisable to look for cheaper alternatives before you decide to pay for a service or product. For instance, before you go for an expensive vacation, consider the available alternatives that you can choose and save money. When shopping, also prefer going for cheaper alternatives. This way you will save a lot of money.
  7. Create another source of income: Having multiple sources of income is the best thing that can help you prevent your family from suffering huge losses during a recession. If one source of income fails, you will always have another to learn on. You can start an online business or venture into a kind of investment that can generate you some income at the end of the month. You can even consider becoming a freelancer or a commercial blogger. All these are better ways of creating a second source of income.
  8. Ask for discounts: Never hesitate to ask for getting discounts whenever you go shopping. Retailers always want to retain you as their customers as well as attract more customers. They will therefore, not deny you a discount off the market price. This is always seen as a way of rewarding loyal customers and attracting more. As the saying goes, ask and you will be given.
  9. Shop online:. Start shopping online as there are many products on sale at great discounts. Sites like eBay have great number of items that are sold at amazing discounts. The good thing is also that you can even buy used items from online stores at very cheap prices.
  10. Shop at auctions: Shopping at auctions is another good way of getting good products at great deals and prices. An electronic worth $350 can be bought at an auction store for as low as $25. Visit such stores whenever you want to buy an expensive item and you will be surprised at how cheap you will buy it.

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