10 Tips To Save Money On College Textbooks

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on October-5-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 Tips To Save Money On College Textbooks. College education is often expensive to most people. The expenses of buying college accessories like computers and textbooks make it even more expensive. If you want to save money on your college textbooks, here are 10 simple ways to do so.

  1. Buy used textbooks: Used textbooks normally cost less and buying them will help you save money. Most college books are usually used for certain periods of time after which they are often stocked in shelves. It won’t do you any harm to buy a used book. Instead, you will spend less on textbooks. Again, the information found in old textbooks is just those in newer ones only that newer ones are more expensive. Why not just buy an already used book and cut on your college budget.
  2. Shop off-season: There are seasons which are often accompanied by increase in the prices of school items. These are seasons when most students are reporting back to school and therefore have to buy new school materials. There is normally an increased demand on school accessories making many stores hike their prices. Avoid such seasons and buy your college books well in advance.
  3. Shop around: Shopping around is virtually essential to every shopping. It is a practice that every person looking forward to saving money should put to use. Take your time to visit different stores, as many as possible, so that you get the information you need to compare their college books’ prices. This way you will be able to determine stores which sell college books at cheaper prices, buy your books from them and be able to save money.
  4. Consider borrowing: Sometimes you do not really need to buy textbooks. In such cases, you can save money by just borrowing from friends, classmates or even the college library. For instance, when you are going to be using a certain book for only month, you do not need to buy the textbooks. You can just borrow the books from the public library around or as well you can borrow from friends and classmates. In some cases, you might be needed to pay a few dollars in order to be able to borrow the books. This is still cheaper than buying a new book and abandoning it after just one month.
  5. Consider books exchange: You should also consider exchanging books with friends, classmates and even with your local library. You can exchange the books you have read with friends and have them lend you those you haven’t read. Exchanging books will help you read many books at no cost and you will be able to save money.
  6. Use the college’s library: Many college students often rush to buying expensive books without first checking with their college libraries. Truth is that most of those books can be found in public libraries. Are you really looking forward to saving money on your college textbooks? Then you should start using the resources provided by your library to learn and thus avoid buying expensive textbooks. Check out our post on tips to save money on audio books.
  7. Consider selling off old books: There are always those books in your shelves that you no longer use. You should consider selling them off. This will enable you save some money on your college textbooks.
  8. Ask for students discounts: Asking for discounts can save you hundreds of money. Whenever you go shopping for college textbooks, always ask the retailers for students’ discounts. They will help you spend less on textbooks.
  9. Use offers and promotions: Different text-book stores often organize for various offers and promotions that you should always take advantage of. These offers do not however last long and should therefore be used as soon as possible.
  10. Shop online: Shopping online is also very effective in reducing the costs of textbooks. There are always great online deals that you can use to save money. You can also buy online eBooks which are cheaper and will help you reduce your budget.

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