10 Tips To Get Music Free

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on October-2-2012 under Save Money, Save Money on Gadgets

Here are 10 Tips To Get Music Free. The digital technology has made it easier to get free music. The internet has even made it a lot easier and convenient. Below are 10 tips to get music free.

  1. Download from online music archives: There are many online music archives with a wide collection of music on various genres that you can download for free. An archive like FreeMusicArchive.org has some of the best music that you might need.
  2. Download from YouTube videos: YouTube offers millions of free music that you are free to download.
  3. Download from Jamendo: Jamendo provides a free and safe way to download music.
  4. Search for free music through Google: This is the best way to discover free online music. Take some time to manipulate the web using Google and you might get a free music for download.
  5. Download from Wikipedia: Many people do not know that Wikipedia also has free music that you can download especially classical music. The truth is that this famous site has thousands of classical music collections that you are free to download.
  6. Consider using Limewire: Limewire is a free P2P program that allows people share files online. You can easily get good music using the program. You should, however, be cautious not to install a virus on your device.
  7. Your local library: Many people usually overlook this but your local library also has a large music collection that you can borrow or get for free. Also, check out our post on how to download cheap legal music.
  8. Visit charitable stores: Charitable stores also have free music that you can get at little or no costs. Remember many artists, after getting tired with their music, will always donate them to the charitable stores. You can get these donated music CDs if you visit the charitable stores.
  9. Participate in contests that give away free music: There are several online contests that give music to their participants. For instance, the Apple’s iTunes store has many Apple related contests whereby they award people with music.
  10. Obtain a music site membership: Many online music sites will always provide their members with access to a large database of music that the members can download. In order to get the access rights, you are however required to register with them at little or no costs. Consider getting such memberships and you will always get the music you want for free.

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