10 Places To Get Comics For Cheap

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on October-3-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 Places To Get Comics For Cheap. Many people love comics, more so if they are gotten for free. It is always amazing to find your favorite comic without spending a penny. This is a good way to build your collection in a cost-effective way. If you want to find comics for cheap or minimal costs, here are 10 great places to look from.


  1. eBay: eBay has a wide collection of different comics that you will definitely find interesting. They are always sold at great bargains that can see you get a great comic for a cheaper price.
  2. Comic Book Store: It is very easy to find a cheap comic from your local comic store. These places often house several comics and the sellers might want to clear their available stock by selling them off at great discounts. Most Comic Book Stores will also award you great discounts on opening “boxes” with them.
  3. Conventions: There are many comics sold at great prices in conventions. Because of the stiff competition among comic vendors, it is possible to find a great comic at a likewise great discount. If you fail to find a discounted comic, all you need to do is to wait till the end of the conventions and you will be able to buy then for cheap.
  4. Thrift Stores: Thrift stores also have great comics sold at discounted prices. Take some time to visit your local thrift store and be sure to ask about the available comics. You will be surprised at how many are available and how cheap they are sold. Thrift stores like the Salvation Army often have great comic books sold at cheaper prices.
  5. Libraries: Many people often overlook libraries but the truth is that there are many comics at your local library that you can get for cheap. These libraries always have different types of comics with graphic comics and manga included. All these are usually found on the Science Fiction and Fantasy sections.
  6. Achewood: Achewood is a great place to find cheap comics. They have a great collection of comics that users can easily access.
  7. AlphaShade: This site has a wide variety of comics that have varying lengths. They are often of 4 series.
  8. ArchiveOrg: ArchiveOrg has a collection of comics of up to 3000. They are available for free online reading and can as well be downloaded for cheap. Also, check out our post on Ways To Buy Cheap DVDs.
  9. AndyRunton: There are hundreds of free comics at AndyRunton that you can download in PDF format.
  10. ComicHovel: ComicHovel has a large collection of comic books’ links. Most of the links are directed to rated comics which you can get for cheaper prices.

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