10 Cheap Fixes To Increase The Value Of Home

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on October-4-2012 under Save Money on Home

Here are 10 Cheap Fixes To Increase The Value Of Home. Fixing your home is something you should always consider before listing it for sale as this will greatly increase its value. There are cheap fixes that you can apply to your home and will help you end up with a highly valued home.

  1. Light up your house: If you really want to increase the value of your home, then this is the time to replace all the lights in your rooms with attractive chandeliers. Luckily, there are nowadays many stores which sell such attractive lighting systems at cheap prices. Your home will gain a tremendous beauty and its value will increase significantly.
  2. Carpet your home with modern carpets: Changing your homes carpet is another practice that can raise the value of your home. If you already have a flashy carpet, you can consider hiring the expertise of a professional carpet cleaner to bring the carpet to shape.
  3. Upgrade your kitchen: Make your kitchen look as attractive as possible. Many buyers will always consider the condition and look of kitchens when buying new homes. You should replace old-looking doors, drawers, cabinets and even the kitchen faucet. You can hire someone to do the work for you but if you want to save more money, you can do it yourself. Just order for a home improvement kit and install them yourself.
  4. Stock up your home with new appliances: This is another effective way of improving the value of your home immensely. Replace old appliances with new and flashy ones. Some might only need replacement of some parts like covers which you can easily replace yourself or with the help of a professional for a few dollars. Your home, on the other hand, will greatly increase in value and gain you more money when sold.
  5. Upgrade your bathroom: Bathrooms also count a lot when estimating the value of a home. The good thing is that bathrooms can easily be upgraded at minimal costs. You can change toilet seats, pedestal sinks and even install new toilets. A little painting will also do you a lot of good. You should also replace your old bathroom floor with new tiles. All these will always help your home gain more value.
  6. Improve your home storage: Having efficient home storage will always help you have an organized home. You should make good closets and wardrobes where you can nicely store your clothes and old rugs. You should also make functioning garage with necessary tools. Home buyers will always value your home more if you have efficient storage places.
  7. Make extra rooms out of large ones: Houses are mostly valued according to the number of bedrooms that they have. You can easily add an extra bedroom out of your unused rooms. All you need is to refurbish it with fancy wardrobes and closets. These can easily be achieved at very low costs.
  8. Hire technicians to check your home: Before you bring the buyer home to see the house, you should consider hiring a technician, for instance, an electrician to repair any damaged electrical wiring and faults. This normally suggests to the buyer that the home they intend to buy has been well maintained. This increases it value.
  9. Upgrade your home gates and doors: First impressions always leave a mark in people’s hearts. This should prompt you to upgrade your gates and doors. You should make them look fancy and presentable and the value of your home will be increased.
  10. Cultivate a presentable lawn: Lawns always speak a lot about a home. You should also maintain them well and keep them clean and as green as possible. You will be surprised at how much the value of your home increases.

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