5 Ways To Save Money On International Roaming Rates For Mobile Phones

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on September-6-2012 under Save Money

Here are 5 Ways To Save Money On International Roaming Rates For Mobile Phones. The usage of mobile phones increases with every year and people are nowadays forced to pay high cell phone bills. The emergence of Smartphones has worsen this situation as people nowadays use higher amounts of data, texts and even voice calls. This has made it a lot easier to gain high cell phones bills when travelling abroad regardless of the duration of the trip. To add to the jury, service providers also charge a lot of money for international roaming. The tips stated below will help you save money on international roaming rates for your cell phone.

  1. Purchase international calling cards: Roaming rates are expensive and can make you end up with high cell phones bills when travelling to different countries. Consider using international calling cards when travelling overseas. This will help you avoid the high roaming rates and enable you save money. International calling cards will help you use data, texts and even make calls at cheaper and fixed costs.
  2. Consider using internet calling services like Skype: Internet calling services are also very helpful in saving money on international roaming. They are not susceptible to the high roaming rates. It is now a known fact that the internet calling services are nowadays some of the cheapest means of communication even just within your home country. Calling services like the Skype has very cheap calling rates that you can use while travelling to save money on making international calls.
  3. Use a SIM card of the country you are travelling to: This is a very effective way of saving money when travelling to a different country. Buy a SIM card of a mobile service provider of the country you are travelling to. This way, you won’t need to roam your phone as you will just use the service provider of that respective country. This will render you immune from the high international roaming rates thus helping you save thousands of money. Also, check out our post on how to save money on mobile phones.
  4. Use international roaming plans: You should consider signing up for an international roaming plan from your service provider. This is cheaper than roaming without an international data, text and calling plan.
  5. Rent an international travel phone: You can as well rent an international travel phone from your service provider. Renting such phones are always very cost-effective and will help you spent lesser amounts of money on your international calls, texts or data usage. Make inquiries from your service provider whether they provide such renting services. You can also borrow from a friend if they have already signed up for the roaming plans or have such travel phones.

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