5 Tips To Save Money On Web Updates

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on September-2-2012 under Save Money

Here are 5 tips to save money on web updates. Potential web designers are always required to make efficient web updates to correct and fix errors that have already been identified in the already existing web page. Such updates, most of the time, come along with upgrades in layout, graphics and templates among others. The listed tips below will help you save money on your web updates.

  1. Have a friend review your page: If you realize that your web page needs updating, you can generate the HTML codes of the page and have a friend check it for you. This should be done before you post it to the public. Send the codes to a professional or friend and have him review it for you as if it were an n article. You should then ask for suggestions and improvement tips. This method will see you update your web page at minimal costs.
  2. Copy paste tables: It is costly to edit your tables online or have a programmer edit them for you. Most programs nowadays are user-friendly and you can just copy the table, past it into your document, edit it and repast it in your web page. This is very cost-effective and a means of reducing the budget of your web updates.
  3. Separate graphics from other files: The first practice that will enable you start saving money on your web updates is the efficiency of your communication with the programmer. Make your communications as clear as possible and one way to do this is to organize your files well before you send them to the programmer. Separate image files from other files. This will also enable you edit the photos according to your requirements.
  4. Keep the text sizes of your website consistent: You should always have consistent text sizes in your website. This does not mean that you use only one text size. You can make consistent text sizes by defining text sizes of your headers, sub-headers and other texts. You should also maintain consistent web colors. Also, check out how to save money as a freelancer.
  5. Use word and multiple documents to send web updates: Consider sending your web updates to the programmer using word document formats or multiple document formats. These formats are always easier to convert to language editors like Adobe Dreamweaver. It would be more expensive and time-consuming to convert web updates sent as PDF to an HTML language editor.

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