10 Ways To Get Cheap Movie Tickets

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on September-1-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 Ways To Get Cheap Movie Tickets. Going to movie theatres is interesting but costly at times. There are many people who love going to the theatres are met with the problem of how to get cheap movie tickets. Well here is how to save on movie tickets.

  1. Join theatre clubs: This will help you be eligible for certain discounts and special deals. You should consider joining a football for you to enjoy the benefits. For instance, a person with a Regal Cinemas Crown Club membership is always awarded special extras like pop corns or drinks. Sometimes they are also given discounts on tickets. These might help you save some money.
  2. Buy from online stores: There are a number of online sites that sell discounted movie tickets. You can get your cheap movie ticket from them. Most of these sites are authorized and will sell you authentic movie and concert tickets at great discounts.
  3. Take advantage of the last-minute sales: When there are remaining tickets just before a movie starts, the cinemas can always reduce the price of their tickets so that many people can buy them and utilize the remaining spaces. Buy your ticket at these times and you might save some money
  4. Go late: It normally cost a lot to watch a movie just when it has been released to the cinemas. You want to save money so you should be willing to wait for the cinemas to show the movie for some time before going for it. It is cheaper this way and you will be able to watch a movie at a cost half the cost of its tickets when it was released
  5. Sometimes book in advance: Though last-minute sales can sometimes be cheap, it is also advisable to book for your tickets in advance. There are cinemas, many, who award discounts to tickets bought in advance. This will help you attain discounts on your movie ticket and enable you save money.
  6. Buy smartly: This is very helpful towards getting a legitimate movie ticket. Some of the online offers may be misleading. There might be more expensive fees involved with some of the online tickets. You should therefore be careful to avoid extra fees when shopping online so that you are able to save money.
  7. Shop around: There are always many theatres and cinemas selling movie ticket. Some may take advantage sell the tickets at high amounts while others can sell them at cheaper amounts. You should shop around for movie tickets before you buy one. Compare prices and determine the cheapest site and shop to buy your tickets from.
  8. Lookout for special deals and discounts: You can also take advantage of the many movie tickets’ deals and discounts available in the market today. Some cinemas will award discounts on morning tickets or for carrying your kids to the cinemas. There are also many deals that can see you get a free ticket if you buy three or more. Use these to save money by buying cheap movie tickets. Also, check out our post on tips to get cheap sports tickets.
  9. Go to cheaper cinemas: Cinemas have different costs depending on their location and the service that they provide. There are those cinemas which are expensive and will cost you more to get their tickets. You do not need to go that far, just consider going to your nearby local cinema as their tickets are always cheaper and will help you save money.
  10. Avoid hidden fees: Do not just pay for a packaged movie ticket without knowing what it entails. There are tickets which come with drinks and or snacks. Some of them might have increased costs. Such tickets with inflated costs are only more expensive and will therefore thwart your saving efforts.

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