10 Tips To Save Money On Wedding Gifts

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on September-9-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 Tips To Save Money On Wedding Gifts. The economy has gone tight and people are looking for ways to save money on virtually everything. Wedding gifts also cost significant amounts of money and therefore the need to save money on them. Highlighted below are 10 ways to save money on wedding gifts.


  1. Offer services instead of cash: You can easily avoid buying expensive wedding gifts by offering services instead. You can offer simple services to the bride and the groom such as offering to write them invitation cards and even drive them during the wedding. There are many services you can offer and all you need is to determine what service they need and what you are best at; you can even offer to be their photographer during the wedding.
  2. Give only what you can afford: Do not overburden yourself by buying expensive gifts. Go for what you can comfortably afford and you will always save your money.
  3. Shop for gifts online: Online shopping is now well advanced and can be used to grab great wedding gifts at cheap prices. Many sites now sell wedding gifts at bargains and deals that will help you save money. Consider checking through sites like eBay and you will definitely find a good deal at cost-effective prices.
  4. Design your own creative gifts: Use your expertise to create your own gifts at little or no costs. For instance, if you know how to paint, you can paint a beautiful painting and give them as gifts. You can even design them an invitation card and have them print multiple copies themselves.
  5. Compare gift prices: Shop wisely for the gifts you want to buy before buying them. Take time to visit many gift stores and compare their prices of different gifts. The information you get from shopping around and comparing prices will always help you buy your gifts at cheaper prices which is essential towards saving money.
  6. Bake your own: You can also learn simple recipes or use your own knowledge to bake cakes and present them to the couples as your wedding gifts. Use what you already have at home to come up with good cakes. To make them look presentable, consider decorating them using cheap things like icing sugar.
  7. Share gifts with friends: Sharing gifts also helps a lot in saving money. Team up with willing friends and buy a wedding gift together. Look for a fashionable and pleasant item that the couples will love and share its cost with friends and family members who are willing to share the gift with you. This way, you will be able to acquire an expensive wedding gift at cheap costs.
  8. Buy gifts from discount stores: You should also consider shopping from discount stores. There is a wide variety of gifts at discount stores that are sold at great bargains, making the cheaper. Consider going for such wedding gifts. You can even buy an ordinary gift from a discount store and have it decorated to match your preference.
  9. Buy cheap wedding gifts: The basic rule of saving money on wedding gifts is to always consider cheap items. Buy only the wedding gifts that are cheap but presentable and will leave take a huge part of your income. This will help you end up spending less and saving more. Also, learn how to save money on wedding invitations.
  10. Consider buying subscriptions: Research on what the couples like and buy them as their gifts. If they love certain magazines or newsletters, you can purchase a subscription on their behalf and use that as your wedding gift. The newsletter subscriptions are always less expensive and will save you money.

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