10 Tips To Save Money On Textbooks

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on September-8-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 Tips To Save Money On Textbooks. Textbooks are necessary to all students. They are what students use for reference, research or just normal learning. Textbooks are always expensive and can inflate your school budget. To make matters worse, the economy has also grown tight, forcing people to adopt money-saving lifestyles. Here are 10 tips that will help you save money on textbooks.

  1. Shop off season: When shopping for most of your textbooks, always avoid seasons when the prices of textbooks are exaggerated. Seasons when most students are going back to schools always come with price inflations. This usually happen when the students holidays are over and schools are reopening. Buy your textbooks well before such seasons and you will be able to spend less on them.
  2. Take care of your textbooks: Take good care of the textbooks that you have as you can always use them in future. If you are in a family, you can keep your old textbooks for your younger siblings when they come of age. This will save you from having to buy new textbooks for them again. Make a home library where you can safely store the books. When you need them, you will always find them intact and still usable.
  3. Shop during Sales Tax Holidays: Sales Tax Holidays are days when the tax levied on all commodities are lifted and people are free to buy virtually everything they want without having to pay tax. The prices of textbooks during such days are always cheaper. Shop for textbooks during such periods. You will be able to reduce your textbooks budget as well as the amount of money you spend on other items. Also, check out ways to save money on competitive books.
  4. Compare prizes: Price comparisons works great. Visit different book stores and compare their prices. It normally takes some time but the results are worth the time. As you might know, different book shops have different prices of textbooks and that’s why you should shop around and determine the bookshops with cheaper textbook prices as well as best deals.
  5. Buy used: You do not have to buy new textbooks each time you go shopping for textbooks. Sometimes you can just buy already used textbooks as they are often cheaper and will save you tons of money. The used textbooks are just as good as the new ones with the difference being only on their used condition.
  6. Shop online: There are nowadays many online book stores that offer great deals and cheaper prices on nearly all textbooks. Consider buying your textbooks from such online stores. Sites like the eBay and Amazon have great textbook prices that are effective in saving money.
  7. Always ask for discounts: Consider asking discounts from retailers whenever you go shopping for textbooks. Believe you me there is always a discount that book sellers can award you on every book that you buy. Many book sellers always want to attract new customers as well as retain the customers that they already have. That’s why they won’t always hesitate to give you discounts whenever you ask for them.
  8. Borrow: The aspect of borrowing helps a lot in saving money on textbooks. Buying all the textbooks you need will only make you end up with huge textbook bills. Learn to borrow and exchange books with friends and schoolmates. There are libraries which allow registered members to borrow books from them for certain periods of time. Those are the libraries you should consider joining. As their members, you can always borrow textbooks from them at little or no cost at all.
  9. Use public libraries: Start using the local library in your neighborhood if you want to save big money. There are textbooks which you only need for short studies. You do not have to buy such, all you need is to visit the library and take your studies from there. Many people overlook the public libraries thinking they do not always have good book titles. Fact is that the libraries have great books that can improve your learning experience. Why not take time and visit your local library?
  10. Lookout for special deals and coupons: Every item sold in the market today has special deals that people use to buy them at cheaper prices. Book stores also usually organize for promotions and offers in a bid to attract new customers and increase their sales. Lookout for such offers and do not hesitate to grab them. Many of them come with discounts of up to 25% or more. Such discounts can help you buy a very expensive book at very less prizes.

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