10 Tips to Save Money at Garage Sales

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on September-15-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 Tips to Save Money at Garage Sales. Garage sales have many great deals that can be used to get items for amazing prices. They can be used to buy virtually anything and their prices are always cheaper than you can ever imagine. And yet you can still save more money at the garage sales and here are the 10 tips to follow.

  1. Develop a plan: It is necessary to have a well strategize plan for your garage sale. Make effective lists of what you are looking forward to buy and also keep track of the garage sales activities in your neighborhood. This will help you be aware of ever garage sale and what to buy at the sales.
  2. Ask for a better price: Do not be afraid to ask for a better price if you feel that the offered price is not the best one. Ask and be ready to negotiate so that you buy everything at their best prices.
  3. Go early: It is important to attend the garage sales right at their start. This will help you scoop the best items at favorable prices. There are always people attending the garage sales for specific items and will not hesitate to buy them. So if you attend the sales late, chances are that you might not be able to find a specific item that you wanted.
  4. Know the actual prices: Know how much the items cost in other shops. Do not just rush to buying an item before knowing what it would cost you in a normal shop. Garage sales are often accompanied by much discounted prices and that fact must be upheld. Failing to know the actual price can lead you into buying items at smaller discounts.
  5. Have bills and coins ready: Garage sales are often done fast and needs fast clearance. Have the necessary denominations that you will use for change. Prepare well before you go to the garage sales by ensuring that you have everything you need to complete a payment or sale.
  6. Team up with friends and family: You should also team up with your family members and friends. Combine your goods together so that you organize a bigger garage sale that can be attended by many people. This will help you register higher sales and save more money.
  7. Create a map: You should develop ways of finding the nearest garage sale in your neighborhood. Check your local listing, newsletters and even Craigslist for more information on the garage sales in your location and attend them. Also, check out our post on how to save money on school supplies.
  8. Have a neighborhood sale: A community yard sale is the best way to get all that you need at affordable prices. The good thing is that you will always be near home and you would not have to pay high transportation costs. Instead, you will be able to find different commodities at cheaper price.
  9. Be patient: Whenever you visit a garage sale, just be patient with the sales. If you feel that an item is sold at a price that you do not want, wait for another sale instead of rushing and buying it at high prices. If you do not find what you were looking for, feel free to attend different garage sales for the items you want.
  10. Shop on the last days: Even though it is advisable to shop early so that you get the items you need, late shopping also have several benefits to you. Many people bring their goods at garage sales to get money and clear them up. This means that someone would rather sell his item at a cheaper late price than have to carry it back home. Because of this, always make an attempt of coming back to the sales at their Last days.

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