10 Tips To Save Money At The Amusement Parks

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Here are 10 Tips To Save Money At The Amusement Parks. The worst thing that you can ever do is to go to an amusement park and keep worrying about how much you are spending. While these parks can drain large amounts of your money, all you need is to learn effective tips of saving the money and 10 of such are discussed below.

  1. Carry your own camera: When visiting the amusement parks, people are highly likely to buy their photos taken as they walk through the parks. These will just add you extra expenses that you do not need. You should therefore carry your own camera so as to avoid the temptation of buying photos and be your own photographer.
  2. Buy tickets online: There are many online sites which sell amusement parks tickets at great discounts. Sites like AAA and Costco have big deals on many amusement parks tickets that you should take advantage of.
  3. Eat well before you go: People are known to spend large amounts of money on delicacies sold at the amusement parks. Take the precaution of eating a good meal at home before going to the parks just to avoid paying for the meals at the parks. This will also prevent you from frequent buying of snacks and drinks that are big money drainers. Also, check out our post on how to get discount theme park tickets.
  4. Carry your own: Toa void the expenses of having to buy everything you need while at the parks, carry most of the things you’ll need. Carry frozen water bottles, snacks and packed food. These costs a lot when bought at the parks so carrying them will save you a lot of money.
  5. Use coupons and deals: Amusement parks have many coupons and deals that can help you reduce your expenses. Most of these can easily be found in newspapers ads, local magazines and even through online coupon sites. Take some time to look for the coupons; they can help you save up to half the costs.
  6. Plan ahead: It is necessary to plan well before going to amusement parks. Do not wait to pay for your ticket at the gate for you will always pay higher amounts. Plan for all your expenses at the parks so that you avoid overspending too.
  7. Get a club membership: Club memberships are necessary for saving money as many of the clubs will offer their members discounts on amusement parks tickets and other expense. For instance, acquire membership for AAA or Costco so that you are eligible to their offers and discounts. Most of these recognize many amusement parks and can act as great money savers to you.
  8. Time your visit: Your visit to the amusement parks should be well on timed so that you do not go late or visit at times when tickets are expensive. There are seasons when many people are storming amusement parks. These seasons are always accompanied by rises in the costs of tickets. If possible, avoid going to the parks during such seasons. You should also arrive early at the parks so that you not only save money on many items at the parks but also save yourself from the hustle of long ques.
  9. Keep away from carnival games: Carnival games might be interesting but they often come at great costs. Some will require you to pay certain fees before playing a game and that’s why you should avoid them. Another thing with them is that you can also win big things which will cost you money to transport of watch over.
  10. Shop wisely: One thing that makes people spend a lot of money at amusement parks is impulse shopping. Do not just buy something flashy or fashionable at the parks before having to think carefully whether you really need it. For that reason, you should always shop towards the end when you have decided on what to buy and what to avoid.

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