10 Tips To Lower Monthly Rent

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on September-19-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 Tips To Lower Monthly Rent. With the tight economy, most people are trying to cut their budgets and save more money. Negotiating for cheaper rent before you pay for the lease is one way that can help you save thousands of money. Here are 10 tips to follow.

  1. Volunteer to work as the apartment manager: Working as the apartment manager can help you get great discounts off your rent or even live without paying your rent. It involves working to provide basic maintenance to a house and making sure that everything is in order and functioning. Sometimes having an expertise in-house management is an advantage.
  2. Pay well in advance: Many house owners will award some discounts to those willing to pay for future months. You should negotiate with your landlord for such discounts and pay in advance.
  3. Negotiate with the house owner: Negotiate with your house owner before renewing your lease or before signing up for it. You should also be careful to maintain a good tenant record so that the house owner will always prefer retaining you to getting new tenants. This will enable them consider giving you discounts when you need them.
  4. Consider paying for an extended lease: If you are planning to stay in an area for quite some time, you should opt for an extended lease agreement with the property owner. Take the opportunity to negotiate for discounts off your extended lease cost. Remember, home owners often prefer consistent payment to irregular monthly ones and won’t, in many cases, hesitate to negotiate for an extended lease agreement with you.
  5. Consider looking in Craig’s List for roommates: One great way to reduce your rent significantly is by getting a roommate to pay part of the rent and Craig’s List is very helpful in that. It has ‘Rooms and Shares’ section which you can use to get one or more roommates. You should however be careful to get someone you will be able to cope with to avoid frustrations.
  6. Rent away from bus and train stations: Apartments which are closer to train terminals, stations and bus stops always tend to be more expensive than those at walking distances. You should therefore consider renting houses or apartments away from such stations and you will be able to reduce your rent.
  7. Research well before paying your rent: Always does some research work before renewing your lease. Ask for rent rates of your neighborhood apartments and houses so that you be able to know where to rent at cheaper costs. Also, check out our post on how to save money Apartment Rent.
  8. Pay online: Paying your rent online has many benefits that will eventually help you lower your rent. For instance, you can earn rewards by paying your rent through online sites like PayYourRent.com. It is also cheaper to pay the rent online than having to manually deposit cheques and make manual payments.
  9. Maintain the house well: Avoid misusing the house you have rented. Use everything in the houses sparingly and conservatively so that you are able to avoid breakages and other damages. Many property owners are always willing to award discounts to those who maintain their apartments and houses and do little repairs. All you need to do is maintain the house and ask for the discounts.
  10. Ask for discounts: It is often said that it is only by asking that we can be given. Why not ask your home owner or landlord for discounts? You might have maintained a good record in paying your rent on time, maintaining the house well and doing simple repairs. All that remains now is to ask the property owner for discounts. Many of them would also prefer keeping you from leaving by awarding you the discounts. This way you will be able to pay less for your rent.

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