10 Tips to Find a Cheap Wedding Dress

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on September-21-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 Tips to Find a Cheap Wedding Dress. Weddings are special occasions that come with a lot of excitement. Brides always want to look as magnificent as possible without having to incur hefty wedding bills. Well, here are 10 excellent ways to achieve that.

  1. Buy online: Buying your wedding dress online will help you save thousands as there are many wedding dresses sold online at big discounts. All you need is to get your exact measurements and use them to buy a wedding dress that best fit you. Some of the online retailers even accept returns if the dress does not fit you.
  2. Consider used: Wedding dresses are often used for just a single day. This means that you won’t even notice the difference between used and new ones though the prices are significantly different. This is why you should consider buying used clothes so that you are able to spend less and save money.
  3. Consider renting designer dresses: Since you are only going to wear the dress on a single day, you can as well consider renting them. Renting designer dresser will help you get your dream wedding dress at cheaper costs.
  4. Visit a wholesale store: The prices of wedding dresses at wholesale stores are cheaper than when bought from a retailer. Consider going to a wholesale store for your wedding dress and you will definitely save some bucks.
  5. Have it stitched for your best fit: Having a designer stitch you a wedding dress of your own has several benefits. You will be able to get a wedding dress that best fits you at cheaper prices.
  6. Hunt for deals and bargains: Lookout for deals and bargains that you can use to save money. These can be found online, in local newspaper and magazines as well as other local listings. If found, do not hesitate to grab them and use them to buy your favorite wedding dress at cheaper prices.
  7. Borrow: You can also borrow from friends and family members. Many people always have weddings and have the wedding dresses as well. You can pay them little amounts of money and have the dresses but most of your friends and family members will not go to that extent. Also, check out our post on  tips to save money on wedding gifts.
  8. Negotiate for discounts: Negotiate for cheaper discounts when buying your wedding dress. Just like any other item and clothe, negotiate and insist on being awarded discounts
  9. Shop around: The best way to know which shop sells wedding dresses at cheaper prices is shop around and compares their prices. You should then use the information gathered to buy cheap wedding dress.
  10. Buy from mass retailers: A wedding dress will cost less when bought from a mass retailer. Organize with your maids and shop for the necessary dresses at the same time. Visit a mass retailer and pick your dresses including those of the maids. You will end up spending less on your wedding dress at the mass retailer and be able to save money.

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