10 Tips To Find Cheap Used Laptop

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on September-22-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 Tips To Find Cheap Used Laptop. Buying new laptops is expensive and will only leave you with large bills to pay. Used ones are the cheaper alternatives but you should be careful to do a thorough research before you pay for a used laptop. Here are 10 tips that you can use to get a cheap used laptop.

  1. Shop at eBay: There are thousands of used laptops in eBay that you can buy. They are also cheaper than you would believe. Many people are nowadays selling their used stuffs through eBay and this makes it easy to find a cheap used laptop of any brand.
  2. Buy from Amazon: Amazon is not only a great bargain store for new items but also used ones. There are many used laptops sold at Amazon at cheaper prices that you can choose from. It has a ‘Used’ forum where such used items like laptops are posted on a daily basis. Take some time and visit Amazon and you will be able to get your favorite used laptop at great bargains.
  3. Search through Craig’s List: Craig’s List works just like a classified section of a newspaper. It is also a good website to look for cheap used laptops from. Many people overlook it when doing their online shopping but the truth is that you can find a used laptop at Craig’s List at a cheaper price than many other sites.
  4. Search in gaming communities: It is also possible and easy to find a used laptop through gaming communities. Join different online gaming communities and start your search from them. As you might know, sellers of used laptops are trying to target a group of potential buyers. They therefore tend to storm such online gaming communities as there are many computer users at such sites, who are potential buyers. Search through the online gaming sites and you might be able to get a great deal on a used laptop.
  5. Consider going through Overstock.com: Many people overlook this site when looking for used laptops not knowing that you can easily get a cheap used laptop from the site. Just take a moment and go through Overstock.com. People interested in buying a cheap and used laptop should not limit themselves to certain sites, just be free to check many such online sites (Overstock.com) and you will surely find a cheap used laptop.
  6. Buy from gamers: The good thing with gamers is that they are always looking for the latest brands and the most reliable laptops. Some even buy new laptops only to sell them off after a month or so. These computers are always in good conditions. You should therefore consider getting used laptop from gamers.
  7. Lookout in local newspapers, magazines and bulletin boards: There are people who always sell their used laptops through local listings like magazines and newspapers. This is why you should always keep looking in your local newspaper and check the sales sections. You might get great used laptops at very cheap prices.
  8. Buy popular brands: This is one thing you should always consider before buying a laptop whether new or used. There are many advantages that come with buying laptops of popular brands. It is always easier to repair a popular laptop brand whenever it malfunctions. It is also a lot easier to find replacement parts to popular laptop brands. Basically, you will always save money whenever you go for a popular laptop brand; it doesn’t matter whether used or new. Also, check out our post on how to save money while buying laptop.
  9. Buy from local auctions: You can also find a cheap used laptop through the local auctions. At auctions, machines like laptops are always sold at great bargains with some even being sold at prices half their original prices. There are nowadays used computers sold at various auctions
  10. Look for laptops with low RAM: The size of a laptop RAM always has a great impact on its price. Many resellers often increase the prices of laptops just because they have greater RAMs. The RAMs are however easy to upgrade and you can even do it yourself using simple instructions and guides. You can easily save money on a used laptop just by considering those with lower RAMs.

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