10 Tips to Get Domain Name for Cheap

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on September-20-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 Tips to Get Domain Name for Cheap. Buying a domain name is the first step that people take in order to get running websites. The fees can be costly taking into consideration the hard economic times. Here are detailed tips that you should use to be able to get a domain name for cheap.

  1. Have total control over your domain name: Getting a domain name from a company that gives you total control over the domain name is an important and money-saving factor of acquiring any domain name. Unfortunately, there are many companies that offer domain name registration but do not let you make necessary domain changes by yourself. You do not have to make an official request for just changing a domain server and wait for days, you can simply do that by having an effective control panel.
  2. Avoid domain name transfer fees: You should avoid any domain registration company that charges fees for transferring your domains or releasing the same. There are nowadays many companies that provide these services for free.
  3. Consider companies providing free email accounts: With your domain name registration, you should be able to get free customized email accounts, up to 20 of such accounts. Avoid any company that charges extra fees for POP3 email accounts.
  4. Register all your domain names in your name: Never register any domain name in somebody else’s name. Take for instance he forgets to renew the domain contract; you will risk losing your domain name within hours or even incur late fees.
  5. Do research before committing to a company: Being that there are many domain name registration companies, there are also varying charges associated with each company. Do a thorough research so that you are able to identify a company that charges less. You should also research on the efficiency of their services and their reliability. Also, check out how to save money on a new blog.
  6. Never fail to renew your domain registration contract on time: You should always pay your domain name renewal fee on time. Failure can make you lose it forever and in that case getting a new one will only need additional fees.
  7. Negotiate a price: When the domain name you want is already owned by a person willing to sell it to you, always negotiate for a better price with him. Do not just accept the quotes price without negotiation. You might be able to get the domain name for cheap.
  8. Consider using SMTP servers for outgoing email: Whenever you are looking for a cheap domain name, consider registering with a domain name registration company that allows you use their SMTP servers to send email instead of assuming that you will use that of your internet service provider. Many service providers will only allow you to use their branded email addresses on their SMTP servers so you should choose a company that allows you use your own.
  9. Strike a deal fast: When buying a domain name that is already taken from the owner, try as much as possible to strike a deal with the owner fast enough. Delays can only make him get a better proposal or increase the price. Complete all your agreements fast and buy get its ownership as fast as you can.
  10. Consider factors affecting price and value of a domain name: There are many factors that affect domain names ranging from their lengths, spelling, and case used and so on. Make sure you consider the factors that you need and drop those that you don’t in a bid to get a cheaper domain name.

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