10 Tips To Buy iPhone Cheap

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on September-23-2012 under Save Money on Gadgets

Here are 10 Tips To Buy iPhone Cheap. Many people would want to own an iPhone if not for the cost. However, there are several ways that you can use to buy an iPhone for cheap and here are the 10 effective tips.

  1. Visit eBay: There are many discounts and bargains for iPhones at eBay. As a buyer, consider visiting this site for your iPhone as you will always find your suitable ones at cheaper prices.
  2. Shop at Amazon: Amazon houses several iPhone sellers who are ready to offer great deals and cheaper prices. Take some time and scroll through the lists of iPhone at Amazon; chances of you getting a suitable one at cheaper prices are very high.
  3. Check the Craigslist: Just like any other local listings, Craigslist has many iPhone that are cheaper than those sold in other stores. Shopping for an iPhone in Amazon is the best move you can ever do towards getting a cheap iPhone.
  4. Consider the second-hand market: When you want to save greater amounts of money, you can consider buying one from the second-hand market. There are many buyers who buy iPhone only to realize that they cannot use them appropriately. This will prompt them to sell the iPhone at cheaper prices. You should, however, be careful not to buy a faulty one.
  5. Consider refurbished iPhone: Consider buying a refurbished iPhone as this will help you use less amounts of money. Most of the refurbished iPhone just look like new ones such that you would not even notice the difference.
  6. Purchase a past model: With the introduction of new models of iPhone, the prices of the old models usually decrease drastically. You can consider going for the older model in a bid to save money.
  7. Use Apple’s reuse and refurbish forums: Apple usually has a reuse and refurbish forum where you can take your old iPhone and get a new model at little additional costs. This makes it cheaper to get a new model than just keeping your old one at home. Also, check out our post on tips to buy cheap diamonds.
  8. Get a new phone plan: There are cell phone service providers who offer discounts on iPhone for people willing to buy new service plans from them. This is the chance to abandon your old plan and take a new one suitable for your use. You will be awarded discounts on the iPhone, discounts that will make it cheaper.
  9. Go for lower memory: The price of iPhone increases drastically with the increase in their memories. By just buying an iPhone with a lower memory you could save as much as $150. The memory can then be easily upgraded with an additional memory card which is cheaper to acquire.
  10. Buy from wholesalers: Buy your iPhone straight from the factory stores or wholesalers. This is helpful in getting cheaper iPhones as retailers and resellers only add extra amounts on the iPhone prices to cover up their expenses.

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