10 Money Saving Tips to Save Money on Bike

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on September-28-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 Money Saving Tips to Save Money on Bike. Those who love riding their bikes to different locations know how much money their bikes can save them. With the rising fuel costs and motor expenses, your bike can come with a great relief to your commuting budget. Here is how to save money on bike.

  1. Helps save on gas: Riding a bike to work or just for shopping can help you save thousands of money. The bikes often require no fueling and therefore you won’t have to suffer the high fuel costs directly.
  2. Save on parking fees: Bikes do not require that expensive and significant parking space. You do not have to pay any toll for a bike; you can easily chain it to a post or even get it to your working place.
  3. Save on healthcare costs: Riding a bike is very healthy to your body, it helps you exercise naturally and thus avoid the health complications that might arise due to lack of exercises. They will therefore save you from frequent visits to the doctor and hence enable you save money on your healthcare.
  4. Save on insurance: Car insurance coverages are expensive and take a lot of money per month or year. Consider buying a bike instead and you won’t have to pay for the car insurance.
  5. Save on emergency services costs: When your car breaks down or you just have an emergency that you need to attend to, having a bike will save you from the expensive expenses involved with rush travel decisions. You can easily commute with your bike without having to pay any car or taxi bills.
  6. Use your bike for cheap vacation: Bikes can be used for going on cheap and close vacations. You can easily go for a group bike riding out in the planes without having to overspend on expensive sky diving or surfing.
  7. Cheap maintenance costs: Bikes do not require expensive and frequent maintenance. The parts of bikes are often cheap and affordable. They are also easy to replace and you can even replace them yourself.
  8. Use the bike for going on a cheap date: Bikes, especially the electric bikes can be used to go for a cheap date. This always becomes possible when your date is comfortable with ridding on a bike. You can just visit a free and public park using the bikes and save on the cost of your date.
  9. Saves time for other activities: The first step to saving more money is to learn how to save your time. If you achieve this, you will always have extra time for your part-time job or work. A bike is convenient enough to help you save time. For instance, a biker is never affected by jams.
  10. Cheap shopping transport: A bike can be used when going for shopping to transport the bought items at no costs. You can use your bike to shop and you will not need to pay for a taxi or cabin to carry the items to your home.

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