6 Ways To Save Money On Birth Control

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on August-31-2012 under Save Money

Here are 6 Ways To Save Money On Birth Control. Birth control is necessary to most mature girls and women of over 18 years. They can sometimes come at expenses that can greatly inflate our budgets. Discussed below are six ways to save money on birth control.

  1. Buy generic drugs: Generic drugs are always cheap and help people save money. Ask your doctor to write you a generic version of the prescribed drugs that you can easily buy at cheaper prices. Though they are cheap, they still have equal efficacy to their branded counterparts. This will greatly help you reduce the budget of your birth control pills.
  2. Use condoms: Condoms are also very effective in birth control. If you are not married or will have sexual activity just a few times in a month, you can avoid the cost of every day birth control pills and opt for condoms. Condoms are cheaper than the pills and will also protect you from sexual transmitted diseases.
  3. Consider long-term prescription: Ask your doctor for a long-term, even three months long, birth control plan. This will save you the cost of having a doctor write you a prescription every month. Buying long-term birth control pills will also help you save money as this always makes you qualify for some discounts. Also, check out how to save money on prescription drugs.
  4. Buy from discount stores: Do not hesitate to inquire about birth control pills’ prices from different discount stores. Just as you always shop around for other items, do the same for the birth control pills and you will discover that there are many discount stores which sell birth control pills at cheaper prices and you will be able to save on the cost of your birth control pills.
  5. Buy the birth control pills from Planned Parenthood: Check with the Planned Parenthood and Family Planning Service in your neighborhood. You will be save a lot of money since the prices of birth control pills in these stores are always cheaper than in pharmacies. Some of them even offer free birth control pills which will save you a lot of money as well.
  6. Shop online: This is very effective in getting cheaper birth control pills. Ask your doctor to write you a prescription and the list of pills you need. You can then use the list to shop for the drugs online. There are many online shopping platforms and sites where you can get genuine birth control pills for far much cheaper prices. These can as well be accompanied by home delivery. It will help you save some money on your birth control.

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