10 Ways To Save Money On Rental Car

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on August-1-2012 under Save Money on Car

Here are 10 ways to save money on rental car. Many travelers always assume that there is no possibility of saving money on a rental car. They assume that all rental cars have flat rental cost. This has, in the past, made many spend thousands of money on rental cars and, even, end up with huge debts. Contrary to that misconception, it is possible to save a lot of money on rental cars and the ways of doing this are highlighted below.

  1. Lookout for lower rates: Stop assuming that all rental cars have the same rates. Truth is, rates do vary and it is possible to find a more cost-effective rate than that you are currently using. You can look for these rates over the internet or even in the local magazines. Sites like CouponWinner.com have great coupons you can use to save money on your car rental expenses.
  2. Maintain good driving records: Rental cars need good care. Drive them carefully to avoid hitting any surface that might result in to a dent on the car. You will be charged a lot of money on repairing such dents or scratches. Companies also award those who take good care of their cars. You can qualify for great discounts just by driving a rental car according to the requirements of the owner.
  3. Keep time: Make sure you stick to the time specified in the agreement. Returning a rental car late is normally accompanied by expensive charges, most of which, are paid on hourly basis. You can end up paying double the cost of renting a car just by returning it late.
  4. Sign up for loyalty programs: Join a loyalty program as it can sometimes help you save money on renting a car. Members of loyalty programs always enjoy great benefits. Membership can help you avoid long lines and save you time. It can as well pay part of your car rental fees and help you cut on your car renting budget.
  5. Inspect a car before returning it: Do not be in a hurry to leave without first inspecting the rental car for any scratches and dents. “My new habit is to turn on the video recorder on my phone and make a quick walk around the car,” said Ben Schorr, CEO of Roland Schorr IT consulting. This will protect you against false claims that car owners can make on the car you rented.
  6. Be conscious of gas expenses: Gas alone can add to your budget large amounts of money. When visiting an area, always research on gas stations around and know which of them offer the cheapest gas prices. You can even go online and locate gas stations and gas prices in your neighborhood. This will help you save some money on gas.
  7. Ask for discounts: Asking for discounts can help you save a lot of money. All you need is to ask the car owner to award you some discounts off the cost of renting their cars. Remember, business persons always look forward to attracting new customers as well as keeping those they already have. They will not hesitate to credit you with discounts that are very helpful in saving money.
  8. Consider making a prepayment: Many rental cars owners and companies offer discounts to pre-payments, discounts of up to 25% or more. A company like Hertz is well-known for this kind of promotion. You can save up to $40 just by making a prepayment. Research well on car rental companies with such forums and always use them in a bid to save more money.
  9. Consider off-airports car rental companies: Renting cars outside the airport is cheaper and saves money. Airport car rentals normally have high fees that usually raise their fees by a big percentage. You can easily cross the streets and rent a car from a company off the airport at cheaper costs. Also, check out our post on save money on car parking.
  10. Avoid the popular brands: Renting a car from a well-known and popular company always cost more than renting the same car from a growing company. Avoid brands like Hertz that will only cost you a lot more. There are numerous websites where you can rent a car for less expensive costs. For instance, you can rent a cheap and cost-effective car from CarRentals.com and save a lot of money.

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