10 Ways to Save Money on Printing

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on August-7-2012 under Save Money

Printing is expensive right from the printing materials you use like papers and ink to the cost of printing machines. Learn how you can save a lot of money on your printing activities in 10 simple ways.

1. Budget. The first key to saving money is making realistic budgets according to our incomes. Budget for all your printing materials right from designing till the time you have it on paper. This way, you will control yourself against overspending on unnecessary printing procedures and materials.

2. Buy printing materials on Sales Tax Holidays. These are days when there is no tax levied on all materials sold in virtually all shops and outlets. Use these days to buy most of your printing materials and you will spend less on them.

3. Buy in bulk. Printing materials bought in bulk cost less than those bought in small quantities. Take for instance printing paper; you will spend less on a pack of printing paper and get more printing papers than if you would have bought just a few copies. Make collective shopping of most of your printing materials at once. Retailers will also award you great discounts for bulky purchase. All these will help you save more money and increase your saving investments.

4. Buy standard ink colors. Standard ink colors are less expensive and yet still do the same job as their expensive counterparts. Always prefer buying them. While printing, you should also be careful to print your documents using the standard colors as this will help you save on your ink. Special mixing of ink to produce special colors normally uses a lot of ink and this is detrimental to your saving activities.

5. Proofread all your documents before printing. One way that makes people waste a lot of ink while printing is failing to proofread their documents before printing only to realize that they have printed documents with mistakes. This always forces them to reprint new documents which have been revised and proofread. There is no need of doing this. Why not just take your time and proofread all your documents and save yourself the cost and hustle of reprinting already printed documents.

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6. Make your own printouts. You do not have to take all your designs to a designer or a typist. You can easily save money by typing your own documents and designing your own publications. With simple programs like the Ms Office Suit, you can simply type your own documents and design your own designs at no extra costs. It will save you thousands of money.

7. Go for large orders. People who order large quantities always save a lot of money. Evaluate the printing needs of your company and make large printing orders. For instance, if you work in a company which needs large numbers of forms, you can order for them from a printing company in large quantities. You will be able to enjoy certain discounts and special deals.

8. Print only what you need. Technology has greatly advanced and with the introduction of breakthroughs like Cloud Computing and Online Backups, you do not need to print every document you have. If you won’t need to use them in hard copies, store them online or just make reliable physical backups. This way, you will reduce the number of times you print and save on your ink and other printing costs.

9. Shop for printing machines from discount stores and auctions. The best way to get great deals and bargains is most likely through shopping for your printing materials from discount stores and auctions. In these shops, prices are always reduced by up to 80% or more. You can get cheap printing materials like printers and printing papers. Your printing budget will be reduced.

10. Shop online for printing materials. Another way to get good bargains on printing materials is to shop online. There are numerous certified online shops from which you can buy all printing materials at great discounts. Stores like the eBay have virtually all printing materials that you may need and are sold at cheaper prices.

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