10 Ways To Save Money On Gift Cards

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on August-4-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 ways to save money on gift cards. There are many people who like Gift Cards for different reasons. They have become things we need and cannot live without buying them for friends or family. This, at times, may be expensive. Here are 10 simple ways to learn how to save money on gift cards.

  1. Consider marking their expiry dates: One thing you wouldn’t like is buying a gift card and leaving it to expiry. Mark their expiry dates on your calendar or in your electronic diary like in mobile phones. You should also use them before they expiry. The marked expiry dates will help you know when to use them, obviously before their expiry.
  2. Buy discounted gift cards from discount stores: Discounted gift cards always cost less and will help you reduce your budget on many household items. Visit the nearest discount store selling discounted gift cards and buy your gift card from them. You can then use the gift card to buy your favorite gift or item at great discounts.
  3. Buy unwanted gift cards: Many people keep gift cards only to realize that after all, they won’t be using them. When such things happen, they normally give out the gift cards at small amounts of money. You can easily get an expensive gift at half its price using these gift cards and be able to save some of your money.
  4. Match them with discounts: When you have been awarded a gift card, you do not need to have it expiry without using it to save money. Use your gift card with the available discounts to buy cheap items. You will save on gift cards.
  5. Know your gift card Gift cards are made for different purposes and usages. There are terms that come with usage of discounts. To maximize on the benefits of your gift cards, make sure you know it and what it comes with. For instance, there are gift cards which only work whenever your credit card is accepted at a store. This will help you attain gift cards which are relevant to your shopping habits and help you save more money. Also, check out websites to Trade Gift Cards.
  6. Use them wisely: Having a gift card does not only mean that you go shopping with it whenever you want. Learn how to shop with gift cards wisely. There are special deals which sometimes ask for certain gift cards and come with great deals. You can lookout for such specials. This way you will be able to maximize on your gift card.
  7. Use your gift cards as presents: You do not have to spend hundreds buying presents anymore, presents that might even be rejected. Gift cards bring the best solution to this problem. You can use them as presents so that the person receiving the present will then use it to buy their favorite presents. This is a very cost-effective way of sending presents. You will also give the recipient a chance to buy what he likes best using the gift card.
  8. Buy gift cards online: There are many gift cards online that are either unclaimed, unwanted or are discounted. Whenever you are looking for a gift card, consider searching for one online. You will be able to find good gift cards that can help you save money while shopping. Sites like Plasticjungle have cheap discounts that can help you save thousands.
  9. Get free gift cards from online games and quizzes: Many brands often organize for online games and quizzes that they use to promote their products. These are always easy and do require only minutes to complete. They normally reward the participants with gift cards or cash. Take time and use these quizzes and games to save money by getting a gift card.
  10. Take advantage of offers: There are usually many offers that involve gift cards. These can be use to while shopping to save more money and cut on your shopping budgets. On some stores, you can get an offer of ‘buy one get one free’ using gift cards. Truth is, do not take these offers for granted. Use them while shopping and you will always be saving money.

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