10 Ways To Save Money On Fashion And Beauty Items

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on August-3-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 ways to save money on Fashion and Beauty items. It is always said that fashion comes at a great price. This is said so according to the expenses involved with it. You can still love fashion and keep yourself fashionable without having to spend huge sums of money and here are the ways.

  1. Be conservative: Many fashion lovers often misuse their fashion materials like cosmetics. The costs of such items are what will increase our budgets and make us spend more. Be conservative with your cosmetics and clothes and help them last longer. This will save you the costs involved with frequent shopping.
  2. Use coupons: There are many fashion coupons available online and in magazines that you can use to save money. Be on the lookout for them and use them whenever you go shopping for your cosmetics and fashion materials. Your budget will be reduced and you will save money.
  3. Buy from thrift stores: There are those who do not mind using second hand clothes and shoes. Your best solution is a thrift shop. In thrift shops, there are many cheap second hand clothes and shoes that you can buy at a quarter of their prices. It is not that they are always spoilt and full of faults. They are just second hands in good conditions.
  4. Carry your own polish: Do not add to your expenses extra costs whenever you go for your manicure and pedicure. Consider carrying your own polish. Truth is, it is cheaper to carry your own than pay for their. To add-on that, you will always be able to add polish to your nails whenever possible and save the cost of going for another pedicure.
  5. Use your materials smartly: There are many bad habits that people have when using their cosmetics and polish that only result into them having greater fashion bills. For instance, do not use a cotton ball to apply toner. You can switch to cotton pads. You should also not apply excessive makeup as you will only waste your cosmetics.
  6. Consider swapping: Swapping is good for those things you are tired of using. Ask a family friend for a swap and pack up your cosmetics and swap with them. This is a cheaper way of getting what you need without even spending much on it.
  7. Use offers and promotions: Many fashion brands normally organize for offers and promotions which they use to award their customers. Be on the lookout for such offers. You can check in your local fashion brand magazine or even search online. These offers will always help you save a lot of money on virtually every cosmetic that you buy.
  8. Ask for samples: Whenever you go shopping for new brands of cosmetics, always ask for samples. You can easily get beauty products for free this way. There are many free samples which you can be given and you can use to stock up your beauty shelves. Also, check out our post on tips to save money on cosmetics.
  9. Buy in bulk: Retailers will always award you some discounts if you buy beauty items and cosmetics in bulk. Do not shop frequently. Let your shopping stock up and go for bulky items. You can buy a month’s beauty items and save some money.
  10. Use local brands: Beauty items usually come in different brands with different prizes. International brands are always more expensive though. Consider going for the cheaper brands and you will spend less. The local brands are not that bad after all.

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