10 Ways To Save Money On Dates

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on August-6-2012 under Save Money

Here are tips to save money on dates. Dates are always overlooked as occasions whose costs are often insignificant. This is a big lie we should not condone. The truth is an average date with flowers, theatre tickets and dinner normally cost around $350. This is a big amount that you should consider ways of reducing in a bid to save money. Here are 10 ways to achieve that.

  1. Use parks and gardens: A date should not only incur hotel costs and amusement parks which are always very expensive. On some occasions, you can take your date to public parks and gardens which. Such gardens and parks are always free or cost minimal amounts to use. They also have their own cozy cafes and snack shops that you can use while relaxing in such serene environments.
  2. Use coupons and coupon codes: Coupons and coupon codes are like budget-savers. You only need to look for them and use them while shopping and you will be able to enjoy great discounts. There are many coupons online that you can grab for your dinner dates. Through these coupons and coupon codes, you can get theatre tickets at half their prices and dinner meals at great discounts as well.
  3. Consider cooking dinner at home: One way to save on your dates is to consider eating dinner meals at home. Hotels costs are always expensive and form a huge part of your date’s budget. To save on this, you can just visit a part or public garden but eat your dinner back at home. Homemade dinners are cheaper and easy to make. If in doubt, you can go online for many dinner recipes and use them to make your favorite dinner dishes.
  4. Visit historical sites: These are cheaper than the cost involved with visiting a private beach or park. Historical sites always charge just few dollars as entry fees and will help you increase your savings. Do not overlook them as they also have sexy and free environments which can steer the success of your date.
  5. Maximize on your amateurs If you and your partner have interest in performing arts, you can take this to your advantage to cut on the cost of your date. You can visit a comedy club or just a karaoke club and enjoy your date at minimal expenses. These often have cheaper entry fees that are essential to your money-saving efforts.
  6. Consider buying last-minute tickets: Last minute tickets normally go for cheaper costs. You can always take advantage of this and get your theatre and concerts’ tickets at great discounts. It is very helpful but you should also be careful as the tickets can also run out.
  7. Use season tickets: If you live in an area with many sports activities, you can take your partner to a sporting event like basketball or football matches. This often has season tickets which are cheap. Such events also give you the opportunity to explore each other’s interests and likes, all which are characteristics of a successful date.
  8. Go to less expensive hotels: There are many cheaper hotels out there where you can go to for a date dinner. Do not just take your date to an expensive hotel without considering the costs involved. You will only end up with huge debts and credit card bills. Also, check out our how to save money on Valentine’s day date.
  9. Shop around: The best way to get a cheaper hotel service and dinner meals is to shop around and compare costs of dinner at different hotels. Take some time and compare their costs. This has even been made easier through the internet. Sites like Hotel.com have the information you need. It will definitely take you some time but the results are worthwhile.
  10. Book hotels in advance: It is normally cheaper to book a hotel in advance than having to pay for it when you go to have your dinner. This is so because hotels often offer discounts to advance bookings, discounts that can help you reduce your date budget greatly. Use online sites offering hotel services to book for a dinner with your date. You will be able to spend less.

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