10 Ways To Save Money When Buying New Appliances

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on August-14-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 ways to save money when buying new appliances. Many a times we might find the need to buy new appliances and upgrade our homes. These ranges from basic home appliances like cookers and home theatres to appliances like mowers. This article will guide you in learning how to save money when buying them.

  1. Buy appliances with low maintenance costs: Some appliances have very high operating costs that you should avoid to save money. You should always those which are easy to manage and maintain. Appliances like home ventilation systems may come with high maintenance costs. That’s why you should prefer replaceable filters and those you can wash and clean on your own. Also buy appliances whose spare parts are readily available and you can do their replacement with ease.
  2. Buy appliances that are energy savers: You should always prefer going for appliances with low power consumption. For instance, appliances with Energy Star logos are energy savers and will help you save money in your home. Such appliances are well-tested and confirmed to consume lower energy and will therefore not rack up your power bills.
  3. Consider multifunction appliances: There are appliances which perform multiple functions. These will save you a lot of money. Buy such appliances that you can use to perform more than one functions. You won’t have to buy other similar appliances and you will be able to save money.
  4. Consider outdated appliances: Outdated appliances are not always faulty or bad to have. They are however sold at cheaper prices to allow the new designs sell and gain a reputation. If you want to save more money, just go for the outdated designs. You will be able to get cheap appliances which are also of high quality.
  5. Buy quality brands: Always buy respectable and quality brands. These will not only last longer but function well too. You won’t have to service such machines frequently. Quality machines always perform their functions to the latter and are tested and safe for human use.
  6. Watch for sales and rebates: There are sales and rebates that often storm the markets at different times of the day, week or month. Be on the lookout for them and use them to buy your new appliance. They can help you buy an appliance at half its price.
  7. Buy appropriate appliances: Practice smart shopping techniques. Buy the appliances that fit you and your home. Do not buy very expensive appliances that you won’t even need. For instance, there is no need of buying a very large refrigerator if you can comfortably use a small one.
  8. Go for cheaper transportation or shipping: Shipping costs can cost you a lot more on top of the cost of the appliance. Be wise when choosing your transportation and shipping methods. There is even free shipping available. The only limitation to the free shipping is that they sometimes take longer than paid ones. If you are not in a hurry, you can just choose the free shipping and save money. Also, check out our post on how to save money on buying electronic appliances.
  9. Buy from thrift shops nearby: Thrift shops have many appliances that you can buy at great bargains. These shops have also used items and appliances which cost low amounts of money. Take some time and visit a nearby thrift shop to see what they have. You will be surprised to find an appliance that fits your needs at very cheap prices.
  10. Buy online: You can also shop online. There are many special deals and offers online that makes appliances cheaper to buy. Many online shops also offer great discounts that you can use to save money on your new appliance. You can shop from online shops like Amazon which have big deals that you can use to buy cheaper appliances.

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