10 Ways To Lower Household Cleaning Budget

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on August-17-2012 under Save Money on Home

Here are 10 Ways To Lower Household Cleaning Budget. Saving money is a great idea that most people are looking forward to. Many people always assume that saving money only involves cutting some of your needs and doing without them. Luckily enough, you do not have to forgo anything: all you need to do is practice simple tips listed below and you will be able to save some money on household cleaning budget.

  1. Maintain a clean house: Make an attempt to maintain a good cleaning record in your house and you will save yourself from having to buy expensive cleaners and detergents. Do regular cleaning maintenance to your home. Remember many stains and spills are easy to remove if cleaned immediately and you will only be able to use simple cleaning agents like ordinary soaps and water.
  2. Buy simple cleaning supplies: There are many cleaners in the markets for virtually every kind of stain. Buying each of them will really leave you with huge budgets to pay for. You should make your cleaning supplies simple and cheap. You should only reserve special cleaners for tough spills. As you may know, many cleaners are multi-purpose and can be used to clean a wide variety of spills. Such are the kind of cleaners that you should buy and you will spend less on your cleaning budget.
  3. Improve the storage of your cleaning supplies: Good storage of your cleaning agents will make them last longer and maintain their effectiveness. Do not leave soaps and detergents exposed to direct sunlight as well as air. Some of them will just dry up. Keep them away from kids in safe places as recommended by their manufacturers.
  4. Compare prices Always compare different prices from different stores before buying your cleaning supplies. You will be able to find stores which sell the supplies at cheaper prices. Take time and do your homework well. Visit as many stores in your area as possible and shop around for better prices. It will help you spend less on your cleaning budget.
  5. Consider making your own cleaners: Cleaners are not so complicated to make that you cannot learn. Be curious and learn some simple tricks of making simple home cleaners at little or no costs. For instance, you can use vinegar which is a good multipurpose cleaner. You can also use baking powder to do some of your stains removals. To make your own mops, you can even consider using old clothes and rugs. They work just well and save money.
  6. Shop using coupons and special discounts: Special discounts are very helpful in reducing the amount of money you pay for your cleaners. Lookout for them in different shops and do not hesitate to take advantage of them to do most of your shopping. You can also search for coupons and coupon codes online and in magazines and use them when buying most of your cleaning supplies and you will spend less.
  7. Buy reusable mops and cloths: Consider buying mops and cloths that are reusable and will last long. Disposable ones are always good but when saving, you want to maximize on the life of all supplies that you buy. Reusable cleaning supplies will last long and save you the extra expense of having to buy new ones.
  8. Consider sharing expensive cleaning supplies: There are some cleaning machines that you only use occasionally. They are usually expensive and cost a lot. Why not join hands with a neighbor and collectively buy one. For instance, you can share the cost of a steam cleaner with a neighbor and share it with them since you won’t always need to use it. You will be able to save money and get most cleaning supplies that you need.
  9. Plan and budget for your cleaning supplies: You should make good budgets on all your cleaning supplies over a certain period of time, preferably a month or year. Plan ahead of time and let your cleaning supplies stay within your budgets. You should also track all your expenses on cleaning supplies so that you are able to avoid reckless purchases as well as overspending. Also, check out our post on how to save money on dry cleaning.
  10. Buy from discount stores: There are many community discount stores that you should consider buying your cleaning supplies from. These shops usually have some of the best deals and prices that will help you save lots of money.

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