10 Ways To Get Best Discount On Hotels

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on August-20-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 Ways To Get Best Discount On Hotels. Getting discount hotels is necessary when travelling so as to allow you save more money. Staying in 4-star hotels also does not necessarily mean that you have to spend huge portions of your income. Simple tips discussed below can help you get the best discount hotels.

  1. Search online: There are nowadays many websites offering hotel services that you can use to search for hotel discounts. Be ready to search online in sites like Hotel.com that has rates of different worldwide hotels. You can use such sites to find the cheapest rates and the best discounts available.
  2. Book well in advance: Advance bookings are always awarded discounts of up to 50%. You should book most of your hotels well ahead of time and you will always be able to save some money.
  3. Use coupons: Find out whether the hotel you are checking in has coupons that you can use to cut on your overall cost. Hotels have magazines where you can find coupons and coupon codes that help people get discounts on hotels. You can also search for coupons in online hotel sites and newsletters. Most of them do not last long so do not hesitate to use them when booking hotels.
  4. Sign up for membership programs: Membership and loyalty programs can also help you reduce the cost of booking a hotel. Sign up for a profitable membership program in your country and they can always reward you with great rewards. There are even some loyalty and membership programs that usually pay part of your hotel bills. Such programs can be used to get best discount hotels.
  5. Ask for family and group rates: Most hotels always have group and family rates that have some discounts. When travelling with friends or family members, you should ask for family and group discounts which can help you save more money.
  6. Compare rates: Different hotels have different rates and charges for over-night bookings. You should compare rates of different hotels so that you are able to determine which hotel has cheaper costs. Shop around through all platforms for affordable hotels. For instance, you can use hotel magazines, newsletters or even call them to inquire about their rates. This knowledge will help you check in hotels with cheaper rates.
  7. Time your trips: Timing your trip will also help you save a lot of money and get discount hotels. Always consider travelling off-season when hotels have reduced their rates. During holidays like Christmas holidays, hotels normally hike their rates as there are potential customers to check in. you should therefore travel in between holidays so that you find discount hotels.
  8. Have travel insurance: Travel insurance coverages are very essential when going for trips. Some of them actually pay part of your airfare and hotel bills. Look for an insurance company that has the best terms and buy your insurance coverage from them. Also, check out our post on ways to get cheaper honeymoon.
  9. Book hotels in regions with less tourism activity: Hotels in areas with active tourism activities have higher rates than those in silent areas with minimal tourism activities. Consider booking in hotels which are in areas not frequently visited by large numbers of tourists. These hotels are cheaper and cost-effective.
  10. Book hotels away from airports: Hotels which are located near the airports are normally more expensive than those away from airports. It always cost more to book a hotel room near an airport than it would cost to book for hotels which are located further away from airports. You can take a taxi or have a friend drive you to the hotels at very little costs and you will be able to save more money.

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