10 Ways To Get Cheap Haircut

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on August-9-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 ways to get cheap haircut. It is easy to get a cheap haircut as there are many shops which provide the services at cheaper costs. Despite this fact, there are many people who still spend large amounts of money on haircuts. Discussed in this article are 10 simple ways that will help you save money on haircut.

  1. Join loyalty programs: Just like many other services, there are also many loyalty programs of salons and barber shops. Most of these loyalty programs charges no joining fee but have many benefits that will help you save money. Some of them with reward you with free haircuts after staying loyal to them for a couple of times.
  2. Prefer simple haircuts: The costs of getting simple haircuts are cheaper than having a complicated one. You should just go for a simple haircut if you want to increase your savings. These simple haircuts are still fashionable and look good. They are however cheaper.
  3. Get a haircut from home: You should also consider having a haircut from home. You can use the services of barbers who provide haircuts at home at cheaper costs. It is also cost-effective to buy your own haircut machine as you will always have a friend or family member make your hair at minimal or no costs.
  4. Compare barber shops: Different barber shops have different costs. Some charge large amounts of money while others are very cheap. Take your time to compare their services and the cost of the services so that you are able to find a cheaper one that can help you save more money. also, check out our post on save money at beauty salon.
  5. Consider cheap local barber shops: There are different types of barber shops. There are those you find in hypermarkets and executive guest rooms. These are always very expensive. There are also those readily available in your neighborhood and are cheaper. It does not mean that cheaper barber shops have poor services. They also provide standard services but at cheaper costs. You should consider getting your haircuts from them.
  6. Visit a beauty school: Beauty schools are also effective in finding a cheap haircut. In such schools, you can easily get a free haircut by having a trainer use your hair for a style demonstration. These are always very stylish and high standard haircuts and would otherwise cost you a lot of money. At beauty schools, you can get them for free.
  7. Ask for junior stylists: The services of junior stylists are always cheaper than having a professional work on your hair. Many graduates from beauty schools often open up cheap salons and barber shops that you can visit for a cheap haircut.
  8. Ask for discounts: Do not hesitate to ask for discounts whenever you visit a barber shop. They always want to retain you as their customer and won’t hesitate to award you discounts. These discounts will help you get cheap haircuts.
  9. Use coupons: Believe you me, there are many coupons for haircuts that you can take advantage of. These are always available in beauty magazines and websites. Be on the lookout for these coupons and make use of them whenever you go for a haircut.
  10. Use online listings: There are now online listings for barber shops online. This often goes for many different cities and towns. Check online for the listings that usually show the costs of different barber shops. You can use the listings to get cheap barber shops that provide cheap haircuts.

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