10 Tips To Save Money On Mobile Bills

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on August-28-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 Tips To Save Money On Mobile Bills. In the present time, almost every home has at least one a cell phone. There has been rapid evolution in the mobile phone industry which gas seen the introduction of more advanced phones like the Smartphones. People can now access data, text service and voice calls easily. This has come along with a price to pay-high mobile phone bills. Luckily enough, it is possible to trim the high bills and 10 of the best ways of saving money on mobile bills are as follows:

  1. Compare prices of carriers: Today there are numerous companies registered to provide mobile phone services. This has made competition between them stiffer and they therefore have different rates. You should compare their prices and determine the carrier which best suit your mobile phone needs. This will help you identify the cheapest and reliable mobile phone service provider.
  2. Drop the services you do not need: Always be ready to drop the services you do not use on your mobile phone. Why pay for data if you do not always use your phone to browse? Why subscribe to texts messages if you barely send any? You should evaluate how you use your phone and stop subscribing to services you do not need. It will save you thousands.
  3. Consider using a calling card: Sometimes you do not really need to sign up for a postpaid service on your mobile phone. When you are living with a roommate who might misuse your phone, you should consider using a calling card as this will help you control the usage of your mobile phone. This will give you the total control over who uses your phone and for how long. This way you will be able to avoid misuse and thus save on your overall phone bills.
  4. Buy mobile phones that fit your needs: Not everybody needs the latest Smartphone. You might only be using your phone to make voice calls. In this case, you do not have to spend thousands of your precious money on an expensive Android or iPhone phone that you will only waste on voice calls. Buy phones according to your needs and always be money conscious. This will help you save a lot of money.
  5. Reevaluate your mobile phone plans: Many people nowadays stress on data rates but overlook the important aspect of voice call rates. When choosing a plan, make sure you do not overlook any category. It is pointless and money wasting to use a plan that gives you 700 minutes if you only use 200 minutes? It is also not wise to overestimate your data usage. Why use a plan that gives you 20GB of data if you will end up only using 5GB?
  6. Claim employment discounts: You might not be aware of an employee discount offered by your carrier towards your cell phone bills. You should be willing to ask them for such discounts. Most of the times you only need a proof of employment status to qualify for such great discounts. The discounts are usually up to 25% or more and can help you reduce the amount of money you spend on mobile phones bills.
  7. Avoid downloading many paid apps These applications may seem cheap as most of them are below $1 but if you download many of them in a month, sure you will end up with extra bills to pay. This does not mean that you stop downloading important apps; all you need to do is to spend your money wisely and to avoid being lured into buying many applications.
  8. Ask for discounts and offers: This is pretty easy. Call your carrier and ask them about their current promotions and offers. There might be a suitable offer that can help you save some money. You should also call them and make inquiries about their services and new offers before renewing your contract with them. This will help you discover great offers that you can use at your advantage. Also, check out how to save money on buying a mobile phone.
  9. Shop online: Many carriers offer discounts for people shopping for cell phones as well as plans online. There are also great discount codes you can use to qualify for great discounts from different carriers.
  10. Avoid calling for information: Calling 411 for simple information will leave you with up to $1 or more added to your phone bills. The world has nowadays become a global village and almost every information that you need can easily be found through the major search engines like Google. It is sad that many people with Smartphones still call 411 for some obvious information. Why then should you own a phone with a smart internet access if you do not know how to make use of it?

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