10 Ways to Save Money on New York City Travel

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on July-31-2012 under Save Money, Save Money on Vacation

New York City is an attractive city for most travelers. It is, though, one of the cities with the most expensive services and items. The average amount of money that many people spend on a night in New York is around $200. This tells you that without proper planning and budgeting; only a single day in this city can leave you in large debts. This article aims at helping you save money while in a trip to New York City.

1. Use a map. A map will help you when on a visit to area you are not well conversant with. Get maps showing the locations that you want to visit. Group locations near each other together and visit them at the same time. Luckily, technology has nowadays advanced and you can get a detailed map on your phone using Google Maps or any other application. This will save you the extra cost of taxis or any expense incurred when visiting different locations without a map.

2. Use public transport. Public transport is always cheaper. Sometimes you just need not use your car, especially if the area you plan on visiting has no cheaper parking and is just nearby. There are many public buses and trains in New York City that can help you solve this at cheaper costs.

3. Make sure you plan your parking well. Parking fees in New York are very expensive and can greatly add up to your budget. Plan well on how you will be parking your car while there. Another way that can help you gets cheaper parking is if you book in advance. You can also shop for cheaper parking lots online that you can get at great discounts.

4. Walk shorter distances. Walking shorter distances will also help you save money. The good thing is that it is also a form of exercise and is therefore healthy to your body. Walk shorter distances as it will also enable you see many other places you would not have easily seen.

5. Consider lodging alternatives. There are many alternatives that you can use to avoid expensive lodging fees. You can even consider swapping homes as it is cheaper than having to book a hotel every day. You can also sleep in hostels as a way of saving more money.

6. Book a hotel outside the city. Do not just prefer staying within the city. Midtown hotels are very expensive and will leave you with bigger budgets. New York has a comprehensive transport system that it is cheaper to stay even within the city suburbs. The trains and buses are cost effective so as the hotels outside the city. Even if you add the cost of transport to the hotel’s location, you will still be able to save a lot more.

7. Shop at discount stores. New York has many flashy and expensive items that can easily make you spend a fortune while shopping. Be a smart consumer and do your shopping wisely. Buy most of your products from discount stores within or outside the city. In discount stores, items are always cheaper and are sold at great discounts that are good to your budget.

8. Sometimes prefer driving. It is sometimes cheaper to drive than to use a train or bus. For instance, if you have a family or a group of people, you should prefer using your car. The cost of gas will be cheaper than the cost of paying for each of them at a train station.

9. Obtain a membership plan. Theatres and concerts in New York can also be costly if you do not plan for them well. For instance, if you are the type who loves them, you can obtain an Audience Extras membership which wil help you get to these concerts and theatres at great discounts. With this membership, you only need to pay a reservation fee to get a ticket. This can help you save money.

10. Go to cheaper events. Do not just overpay on expensive concerts and theatres if you do not have a membership plan. There are numerous cheap events, theatres and performances that you can attend.

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