10 Ways To Save Money On Wedding Invitations

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on July-29-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 ways to save money on wedding invitations. Wedding ceremonies have nowadays become very expensive. People now have to spend as much as $30000 on a single wedding. Wedding invitations forms part of this big budget that a couple needs to reevaluate in a bid to cut on the budget. Here are 10 important ways to save money wedding invitations.

  1. Reevaluate the number of guests: You should be able to limit the number of guests you invite. Be careful not to invite many guests as it will only increase your budget. Many invitations cards always cost a lot to design and print. Being able to invite just a few guests will save you the cost of making several invitation cards.
  2. Shop around: There are many designers who specialize in producing wedding cards invitations. You should compare different designers and the services that they offer as well as their charges. Use this knowledge to determine where best to have your invitation cards made at discounts.
  3. Always proofread your wedding invitation cards before producing them in bulk: Ask your designer to let you proofread your invitation cards before producing duplicate copies. Make sure all the details are available and each name and number spelt correctly. This will save you the cost of having to redo the invitation cards because of errors.
  4. Avoid reception cards: Reception cards are not always that important, more so if your wedding location and reception are in nearby or same places. You can just bundle the information in a single invitation card and it will save you a lot.
  5. Order for extra invitation cards: This can look like adding extra expense but is very helpful in a wedding. Don’t just order for fixed number of cards, remember you can make mistakes when writing the cards or a friend may just pop up. This will force you to reprint other invitation cards and envelopes. The cost of rushing to reprinting other invitation cards are always more expensive than printing them in bulk initially. You will save a lot by just having extra cards to cater for mistakes and new guests.
  6. Design your own: Designing a wedding card is not really a complicated task. You only need to be a little conversant with basic designing programs like the Ms Publisher since they are always user-friendly. Consider designing your own invitation cards well before your wedding date and even printing them yourself. You will save the cost of having to hire a professional to do the work for you.
  7. Make standard and light invitation cards: You should make standard invitation cards and also light ones. Large cards and heavier ones cost more to post. Always avoid adding items like pens, strings and buttons in your invitation cards. These extras just increase your postage bills.
  8. Ask for package discounts: When working on a small budget, you should utilize all possible ways to save more money. Ask for package discounts whenever you go shopping for your invitation cards. You should also buy your invitation cards and envelopes from the same supplier. This can qualify you for great discounts that will reduce your budget significantly.
  9. Consider available printing alternatives: There are many cost-effective invitation cards printing alternatives that you can consider in a bid to save more money. For instance, for your engraved invitation cards printing, you may consider using thermography. This will also give you the beautiful engraved look at cheaper costs. You can also consider using ordinary printing methods that not only look attractive but are cost-effective as well.
  10. Consider using only one envelope: Gone are the days when couples had to use multiple envelopes just to keep their invitation cards neat and clean. Gone are the days when posting cards had to involve messengers and other crude means of transportation. Post offices nowadays have efficient systems that take good care of your cards without wear, tear or dirt. You should therefore avoid using multiple envelopes as this will only increase the weight of your cards and make you pay more for your postage.

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