10 Ways To Save Money At The Gym

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on July-10-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 ways to save money at the gym. Joining a gym is always a decision we are sometimes forced to make and can come at a great price. Gyms nowadays offer desirable services ranging from basic workout equipment to even massages. All these always come at increased cost which can take a lot of our money and reduce our savings. Below are 10 ways in which you can save money at the gym.


  1. Avoid extras that you do not need: Most gyms nowadays offer a one-price for all membership which always makes people pay for services they won’t even need. You surely do not want to pay for gym classes you will never attend; you won’t also like paying for children’s use if you do not even have children. Discuss with the gym management about the services you do not need and always avoid paying for them for a chance to save great amounts of money.
  2. Budget for your money: Learn to budget according to your monthly income. You do not need to use expensive gym services if your income does not allow it. Budget for what you can afford and always stay within your budget. You will be able to save money on gym bills.
  3. Lookout for special deals: Competition has nowadays forced every business to have certain special deals and offers. Be on the lookout for offers and deals that can help you cut on gym budget.
  4. Always review your insurance terms: Most insurance companies always offer special discounts on fitness clubs and gyms. For instance, if you have life insurance coverage, they will always offer you some discounts for all your efforts towards improving your health standards, gym services included. Claim these discounts if available as you can use the money to pay for your gym services.
  5. Do your homework well: With many gyms coming up, prices also vary accordingly. You should shop around so that you are able to determine where best to go for your gym services. Shopping around will enable you get gyms with cheaper deals therefore, enabling you spend lesser on all your gym services.
  6. Shop during off-season: Always consider the time of the year when looking for gym memberships. Always, the first months of each year are always the busiest as many people join gym clubs during these periods. Many people also join gyms during cold seasons as they cannot exercise outside during these seasons. Avoid buying your gym membership during these seasons as membership prices always increase. Shop off-season and you will always spend lesser.
  7. Join gyms during month ends: Most gyms always look forward to welcoming new members at the end of every month as well as keep those members they already have. They therefore, always organize special ways of attracting new members which may include some free services like massages or even discounts. Consider acquiring your gym membership during these times as you will be able save a lot of money.
  8. Negotiate for discounts: You should not be hesitant at asking for discounts. Whenever possible, negotiate with the gym owners for discounts as there is always a room for price reductions. These discounts are what will help you get some money for your savings account.
  9. Avoid long-term contracts: Many people are not committed to attending gyms, more so with long-term agreements like the annual ones. Pay your gym memberships monthly and not annually. You can only go into annual memberships once you are confident that you can consistently attend a gym for a long time. You may pay for annual membership only to realize that you can no longer attend that gym. Also, check out our post on money-saving ways to lose weight.
  10. Checkout with your employer: There are employers who offer special discounts and reimbursements to their employees on their gym costs and other s services. They can even offer to add to your salary a certain percentage according to your gym needs. It is upon you to check with your human resource manager and you might be able to save some pennies. Follow these tips carefully and you will always save money at the gym.

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