10 Tips To Save Money On Gas

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on July-7-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 tips to save money on Gas. Fuel prices keep on rising. The demand to pump more money in fueling cars also keeps on growing as each day you find yourself spending more money on gas. This has made saving money almost impossible. You therefore need to learn on how best you can use your car and yet still reduce the fuel cost. Below are 10 tips to help you save money on gas.

  1. Tune up your engine: Tuning up your engine will always make it consume less fuel and cover more mileage at reduced amount of fuel. Good car maintenance will ensure your car burn less gas. Get regular and efficient tune-ups to enable your car consume less fuel and thus reduce fuel expense.
  2. Always keep your car tires inflated properly and as required: This is the first step to saving cost of your daily fuel. Always ensure that your car tires are well aligned and balanced. Poorly or underinflated tires always make your car consume more fuel. The tires will always wear out fast. Provide your car with good maintenance and you will always end up with reduced expenditure on fuel.
  3. Practice efficient driving practices: There are driving practices that will always make you spend more on fuel. Stop overexerting your engine as this will result in you burning more fuel. Avoid fast starts and sudden stops and opt for gradual acceleration. Make your driving more of automatic transmission and your fuel expense will be greatly reduced. This will help you save money on gas.
  4. Consider using cash payments in stations that charge extra fees for credit card payments: Most fuel stations nowadays accept credit card payments. This can come at a cost if they charge extra money on payments made using credit cards. Use cash at such stations in order to avoid these extra costs. This will help you save money on gas.
  5. Limit your driving: Avoid unnecessary driving. There are places you may consider using public transport to save on your fuel cost. Limit your driving to necessary destinations in order to save the money you spend on fuel.
  6. Be on the lookout for good fuel prices: Different gas stations offer different gas prices. Lookout for these prices from different gas stations and determine which of them offer best prices. Take all your gas purchases from these gas stations which offer reduced prices and you will always save more money on gas.
  7. Use the recommended oil and oil grades: This is a good way to reduce your oil cost and yet cover longer distances. Always use the recommended grade of oil as required by your car’s manufacturer. This will ensure your car burns the oil efficiently to cover increased distances. There are also oils which has friction-reducing additives such as those labeled with ‘energy saving’ labels. These oils always ensure efficient operation of your car’s engine and saves energy consumption. This is a good tip to save money on gas.
  8. Consider buying fuel-efficient car: If you want to save your fuel cost then you need to buy cars which consume reduced amount of fuel. There are added car parts like sunroof which increase the air resistance thus increasing the fuel consumption per a particular distance.
  9. Practice efficient air-conditioning techniques: Good air conditioning practices can help you reduce your fuel consumption by a great deal. For instance, closing windows and turning air conditioning on while driving will help you save on fuel cost. This is because open windows increase air resistance. In parking areas or heavy traffic, you can open the windows and turn the air conditioner off to save on oil cost. This will always make you save money on gas. Also, check out our post on how to save money on Diesel.
  10. Use appropriate tires for different weather conditions: Many people use big tires with deep treads in snowy areas. These tires when used in normal weather conditions make the car consume a lot of fuel. Use appropriate and recommended tires in various weather conditions. This will make you save more money and cut your fuel costs.

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