10 Tips To Save Money On Cosmetics

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on July-11-2012 under Save Money, Save Money on Shopping

Here are 10 tips to save money on cosmetics. Saving money has nowadays become a practice we all need as long as you want to increase your savings. Lucky enough, you do not need to give up your cosmetics while trying to tighten up your budget. You only need to practice efficient shopping techniques. Here are 10 tips to save on cosmetics.

  1. Match coupons with sales: When shopping for cosmetics, always combine coupons with the sales for a chance to save money. You can find coupons in newspapers and even magazines and when shopping using coupons, make sure you stock up enough to sustain you for a longer period. You can also sign up for your brands using your email address so that you are able to get product updates about sales and the coupons.
  2. Shop around: This is the best method to get cosmetics at cheaper prices. Visit different stores and compare their prices so that you are able to buy from a store that sells at best prices. This way, you will be able to save a lot of money on all your cosmetics.
  3. Consider using what you already own: Before you visit a cosmetic store for your favorite brands, ransack your home well and make sure you use all those that you have before buying new ones. Many of us dump cosmetics which are not even used up yet. Use what you already have before buying new ones and you will be able to save some thousands.
  4. Buy cheaper brands: There are many cheap brands which are as good as the expensive ones if not better. You can try using these less expensive brands and you will realize that most of them just work like the expensive brands. Sometimes the prices of cosmetics just increases according to the brand. If you want to increase your savings, you just have to consider the cheaper brands.
  5. Reduce the amount you use: Ask yourself the amount of cosmetics you really need. Some people normally use cosmetics in excess of what they actually should use. Doing this will just make you visit your cosmetics store more frequently which only means spending more money.
  6. Be flexible when shopping: Do not just stick to a brand which is not only expensive but also has a cheaper alternative which works just well. Whenever there is an offer you can take advantage of, use it to buy similar products at cheaper prices. This will help you save some money as you will be flexible enough to avoid buying the expensive ones.
  7. Use available offers and promotions: You should never hesitate to use an available offer or promotion to buy your favorable cosmetics. Many cosmetics stores normally organize special deals and offers in a bid to attract more customers or appreciate them. These offers can help you buy your cosmetics at great discounts of up to 20% or more and you will be able to keep some money for your savings.
  8. Consider buying in bulk: Typically, you will save more on goods bought in bulk than having to buy them separately. Stores always charge lesser on bulky goods compared to individual ones. Buy all your cosmetics in bulk and you will be surprised at how much money you will save. Also, check out our post on saving money on beer.
  9. Start collecting samples: You can stock free cosmetics by collecting samples and trying products before you buy them and be able to save huge sums of money. Collect samples whenever you go for public events, festivals and even product promotions. Remember stores normally have samples which they are ready to give out on request.
  10. Use alternatives: There are always cheaper alternatives for every product. You may be using an expensive cosmetic while there is another which can combine several functions together. Examine all the cosmetics you use and the available alternatives which can help you save more money.

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