10 Tips To Save Money On Clothes

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on July-5-2012 under Save Money on Shopping

Here are 10 tips to save money on clothes for those those who love to keep their wardrobe updated. Clothes form a big part of our overall budget. They can cost you a big chunk of your income more so if you have children, a big family or if your job requires you to put on a certain standard of clothing. The question therefore, comes on how to best save money on clothing bills. Below are 10 tips on how to save money on clothes.

  1. Be conservative with your clothing and learn on how to care of them: The first step that will help you spend less on your clothing budget is to treat all the clothes that you own with care and to take care of them. Sew small tears and lose buttons. In case of stains, wash them right away with the correct procedure designed for them. Iron them also using the recommended heat and store them in secure cupboards and suitcases. This will enable them last longer and help you cut on your clothes’ shopping budget.
  2. Practice online shopping: You can save yourself a significant amount through online clothing shops. The only setback will be that you will not get a chance to try them out for best fit but you can always know your exact measurement and those for other members of your family. The online sales always have great deals and discounts that will enable you spend only a fraction of what you would have spent locally.
  3. Shop using coupons and their codes: The coupons and coupon codes will always make you spend a discounted amount when shopping for clothes. Lookout for them in newspapers and online. They can be used to save tons of money while shopping.
  4. Consider selling your undersized clothes and those you do not use to consignment shops: Consignment shops will always accept used clothes in good condition. Sell all those clothes in your home that you do not use. You will earn some money on your old clothes, money you can use to buy better clothes and thus save on your clothing budget.
  5. Keep a list of your family members’ sizes and preferences: Keep lists of what each member of your family wears, their sizes and even colors and carry the lists to the shopping mall. You will therefore, avoid buying clothes that your family members do not need hence avoid wastage. This will help you save money on your family’ clothes.
  6. Do most of your clothing shopping off season: There are seasons like the Christmas season when prices of clothes rapidly rise. This is always due to the rise of their demand as each family looks forward to a nice holiday with new clothing. Be careful to buy your family’s clothes off these seasons and you will buy the same clothes at cheaper prices and save thousands of money.
  7. Shop around: You might find out that same clothes have far much different prices depending on where they are sold. You do not have to visit expensive stores to acquire same brands sold at cheap prices elsewhere. Shop around to compare prices and do your shopping at those shops which offers best prices. You will be able to save some money on your shopping.
  8. Shop for most of your clothing at various discount stores: These discount shops, like the Marshals, always have high quality clothes sold at lower prices. They sometimes even have clearance racks that can help you obtain double savings. Most, if not, all prices in discount stores are always reduced. You can save money through these stores and end up with increased savings.
  9. Make good a clothing budget: In order to save money, you must be able to account for all your expenses. One way to achieve this is by budgeting well. Budget for your clothing expenses and stay within your budget. The budget will help you avoid unnecessary expenses on clothing that can further reduce your total savings. You will be able to spend less on clothes eventually.
  10. Start shopping at thrift shops: Thrift shops are shops that sell clothes and other goods given by people to raise money for charity. Prices of clothes at these shops are always greatly reduced. You do not have to stigmatize these shops as many people nowadays visit them for various types of clothing. You will spend less for good quality clothes and be able to increase your savings significantly.

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