10 Tips To Save Money On Car Parking

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on July-15-2012 under Save Money on Car

Here are 10 tips to save money on car parking. People use cars for their daily businesses. This may include all one’s business activities as well as personal ones. Car usage always comes along with parking expenses. You need to park your car while shopping, attending functions and many other reasons. Being that parking is like a necessity, it can sometimes take a huge portion of your income. You can end up spending large amounts in parking costs, money that with proper skills and expertise can be saved. Below are ten tips that when followed will help you save on your parking costs.

  1. Avoid unnecessary driving: Parking cars at the city center is always hectic and expensive. Why not consider leaving your car at home and taking a public bus for just a few dollars? This can definitely save you the parking cost as well as fuel cost. If possible use public transport and save yourself the parking expense. You will save a lot of money.
  2. Constantly check in various websites for parking garages and spaces: Many businesses are now online and you can check and book well before going to the site. Check on related websites for parking garages and spaces. Book also before taking your car to the parking garage. Prior and online booking of parking spaces are always accorded great discounts. These discounts will help you save money on your car parking.
  3. Subscribe to students parking rates: Students parking is always cheaper and affordable, more so if your location is near a public university or college. It might not suit everybody but it is a very good method of getting great discounts on car parking. Subscribe to such parking services and you can always end up spending less on your car parking.
  4. Be on the lookout for parking lots coupons: The parking coupons are mostly available during holidays as well as other normal days. Lookout for them online as well as in local newspapers and magazines. The coupons can be used to make online reservations at great discounts thus helping you save some money. They also help save time and fuel cost spent while looking for suitable parking. They are good means of saving money on car parking.
  5. Register for available loyalty programs: Loyalty programs are always used for a long term subscription for instance one month. If you are going on a long business trip or vacation, you might consider signing up for these loyalty programs. Members are always accorded great discounts of up to 50% off accompanied by unlimited parking for a specific period of time. This will help you save a lot of money on your car parking.
  6. Consider walking for some distances: You can start walking for shorter distances. It will not only help you save on parking fees but will also help you build on your health. Moving with your car for even shorter distances will always make you incur unnecessary parking fees as you will always need a place to park your car. Reducing parking costs starts with yourself and if you want to save more then you will have to walk for some distances.
  7. Park in places away from airports: Parking in airports is always expensive. Areas near airports also charge more for parking due to the high demand for parking lots. You should therefore consider parking further away from airports in order to spend less on your parking. You can start parking away from the busy places like airports at walking distances. This will help you increase your savings as you will spend a reduced amount of money on parking.
  8. Plan ahead: Make plans and budget well on your parking costs and methods. Plan on how much your parking will cost you ahead of time to determine whether public transportation will be most preferable. With good planning, you will always manage your parking expenses and avoid unnecessary parking. This practice will save you hundreds and increase your savings. It is a good method of saving on car parking. also, check out our post on how to get cheap airport parking.
  9. Know your area and parking spots: Research well on the available parking spots in your area to determine which one of them charges less fees. Know their locations as this will help you park in the nearest and most preferred ones. Many parking lots also have special deals. These deals always provide free parking periods or even reduced charges for some periods. Know these deals and utilize them in a bid to reduce your parking expenses. You will save on car parking.
  10. Make use of on-street parking spaces: On-street parking spaces are always parking lots for the public and are mostly free or charges very minimal amounts. They are left spaces along the streets where parking is allowed. If there is such a place nearby then you can start parking at such places. You will spend much fewer notes and save a lot. These on-street parking spaces will always help you park at very affordable costs. You will thus save a lot of money.

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