10 Tips To Save Money On Amazon

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on July-19-2012 under Save Money, Save Money on Shopping

Here are 10 tips to save money on Amazon. Amazon is a great online marketplace where one can buy a wide variety of things. Shopping in Amazon can save you a great deal of money. There are many ways to save money on Amazon because Amazon runs just like other literal shops around and therefore has offers, promotions and deals that can help one save money. You only need to know how to find them and learn to make use of them in order to save even more money. Below are 10 tips to save money on Amazon.

  1. Buy used items: There are many things you would like to have but only use them for a short time. For instance books, how long are you going to read a book before keeping it on your shelf? For such items, always prefer buying used ones. Used items on Amazon always cost much less up to 50% off. This will definitely help you save money on Amazon enabling you have extra savings.
  2. Keep track of Amazon subscriptions: Amazon subscriptions always send product updates to email addresses. Keep track of these emails. Keep checking your inbox. Theses emails will always inform you of a new product in market, new offers, promotions and available deals. Unless you check your emails you will always be left out. Save money on Amazon just by doing this.
  3. Keep yourself alert for lightning deals: Amazon always offers lightning deals at a particular time of the day. These deals are always limited with time and their codes. If you want to save money on Amazon then you just have to lookout for these deals as they always run out fast. With lightning deals, products and services offered through Amazon always go up to even 90% off.
  4. Always shop the Friday Sale: Fridays are always accompanied by Friday offers in Amazon; a one day offer on several items. Buy goods during these times. The prices are always reduced with some percentage. Save money on Amazon shopping by following such shopping trends and you will always spend less than you used to on quality goods through Amazon.
  5. Consider the Super Saver Shipping: While shopping on Amazon, keep in mind where you are buying from and the cost of shipping the item. You can buy an item at a cheaper price and yet end up spending a lot of money on shipping. There are commodities in Amazon which are eligible for free shipping if you buy a number of them. They are always marked. Buy such things together and use the free shipping service. This will help you save money on Amazon shopping and avoid the shipping cost. also, check out our post on tips to save money on Groceries.
  6. Join and sign up for Amazon Prime: Amazon prime always cost around $79 with a worldwide shipping of around $3.99. if you are a person who likes to receive his bought good in the shortest time possible and at a cheaper cost then this is the deal for you. You will save money on Amazon through this. If you do not care about the time for shipping then you better use the Super Saver Shipping. All these will always help you save money depending on your shopping style.
  7. Always shop around and keep yourself informed: Amazon offers a variety of goods from different companies and people. To save money, keep yourself informed about which products are booming in the market and the discounts on those products as well. In some cases, you might find an Amazon seller just near you and who can deliver you the item at no cost. Shop around and save tons of money on Amazon.
  8. Use Zeezaw program: The Zeezaw program in Amazon helps you save a lot of money on Amazon. With Zeezaw, you only need to make a Zeezaw list and set a target price for them. Since Amazon prices keeps fluctuating so much such that just a few days after buying an item, you can find it at half the price, Zeezaw will email you once a target price is reached. You therefore buy goods at very low prices. This is a good method of saving money on Amazon.
  9. Join the Amazon Chase Credit and Nectar programs: With Amazon Chase Credit and Nectar programs, you get points for buying with your credit cards. These points can be used to buy more items on Amazon at any time. You can buy goods on behalf of your friends, family and even neighbors and get more points. This is a good way of saving money on Amazon.
  10. Keep checking the Deals and Bargains section of Amazon: These sections have the latest bargains and deals that will help you save money. You can always follow bargains on books, other stationary and even other more variety of commodities. The bargains and section is a very efficient section for saving more money on buying items at cheaper prices.

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