10 Tips To Save Money On Airfares

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on July-13-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 tips to save money on airfares. Airfares are expensive and still they keep fluctuating from time to time. They cost a lot and the need to reduce the amounts people spend on the airfare depends on ones exposure and plan. Consumers therefore need to adjust and adopt good practices that will result in them spending reduced amounts of money on airplane tickets.

Highlighted below are 10 tips to save money on airfares.

  1. Book well ahead of your travelling time: It is known that airfares increase a great deal as the flight departure date draws to a close. The fares can always increase by up to 40% of the price it was weeks before. You should therefore book weeks before the departure date. You will save a lot by doing this and your airfares will be greatly reduced.
  2. Keep informed and shop around: Airlines also offer reduced flight costs at varying times of the year. Keep yourself informed about these periods when airfares are cheaper. Check the airlines’ websites, read magazines and inquire from their support centers when prices are reduced. You will always pay less by doing this and thus you will have saved money on airfares.
  3. Subscribe to different airlines’ newsletters: Join airlines’ chat rooms and be a subscriber to their newsletters. Thereafter, keep checking your emails for updates. The newsletters always contain useful information concerning flights, fares and even routes. Keeping yourself updated with such information will always give you a humble time to choose airlines and even routes to follow with varying costs. This will help you save money on airfares.
  4. Always follow your flight: Once you have booked, follow the activities of your flight. Prices might fall after you have booked or as well they might rise. There are airlines today that allows a traveler to get refund any time airfares drop after booking. You can get these refunds and travel at lower costs but only if you keep yourself updated with relevant information. Follow these tips and you will always save money on airfare.
  5. Travel in favorable and shoulder seasons: There are seasons when airfares fall to certain percentage. These are seasons between high and low seasons. Travel during these periods if possible and you will save tons of money. Make your travel arrangement to fit in these seasons for cheaper airfares.
  6. Consider connecting flights: When boarding international flights, connecting flights are always cheaper than direct flights though they may take additional time. You should prefer connecting flights in a bid to travel at an overall reduce cost.
  7. Avoid weekend flights: Be careful when booking flights and avoid weekend flights. You can also avoid Friday afternoons and even Mondays. These days are days when most business travelers travel and airfares are therefore bound to rise to some extent. Travel at times when travelers are few as these periods are always accompanied by reduced airfares. Be mindful to always save money on airfares. Also, check out our post on tips to save money on overseas vacations.
  8. Always buy single seats: When travelling in groups, always prefer shopping for one seat. There are airlines which bundle cheap seats together and round off their prices to the nearest next price. You should therefore compare prices for particular seats before buying bundled seats and opt for the cheapest. You will have saved some money.
  9.  Buy one way tickets: When travelling, always buy one way tickets. In case of a two-way travel, prefer buying two one way tickets. There are airlines which provide cheaper airfares for one-way tickets. Buying one way tickets will also help you avoid rush times when fares hike thus help you save on spending large sums of money on airfares.
  10. Consider buying bundled airfares and hotel expenses: Buying hotel and air tickets bundled together is always cheaper than buying air tickets alone. You always spend less when the costs are bundled together than when separated. There are hotels and airlines which provide these services. Checkout for them and use them to save money on your trips.

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