10 Tips To Find Cheap Houses On Rent

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on July-3-2012 under Save Money on Home

Here, are 10 tips to find cheap houses on rent. There are cheap houses and apartments for rent in every neighborhood and city. Finding these houses may be a little cumbersome as one need to put in place a scouting plan in order to find an ideal and cheap house for rent and at the same time save money. These cheap houses exist and ten tips to find them are highlighted below.

  1. Search through real estate websites online: Real estates now have websites where you can easily locate a cheap house in your neighborhood and even book the houses. Search through such websites to identify a cheap and preferred house to rent in your suburb or neighborhood. This will help you find a cheap house for rent.
  2. Look for cheap homes in your local newspaper: Local newspapers always provide lists of cheap and expensive houses for rent. Find your cheap house in these newspapers and contact their real estate agents to secure the houses. This is a method of finding cheap houses for rent.
  3. Look in online listings like the CraigList: Keep looking in such websites daily. CraigList provides daily updates on houses for rent. Check out these updates and be the first to apply for a new house for rent. If you do this, you will always get a cheap house for rent.
  4. Tour the neighborhood where you want to live: Take a time off to visit the area where you want to live. Gather contacts for houses ready for rent and contact their owners or agents for more information. Drive though working class areas with cheaper apartments and lookout for contacts and leads for cheap houses.
  5. Contact local landlords groups for leads: Landlord groups and associations may provide you with relevant information on empty houses for rent, their locations and respective offers. Get information from the landlord groups and use the information to find cheap houses for rent.
  6. Contact families, friends and even co-workers: If you have friends, family members or even co-workers already in areas you want to live in, always contact them for more information. Such people already living in such areas always have important information that can lead one into finding an ideal cheap house for rent. By doing this, you will always be saving money you would have used for transportation as well you will be able to find cheap houses for rent.
  7. Look in bulletin boards in public places and local business areas: These bulletin boards always have house adverts and offers. Always check them out. You can as well post your advert for a wanted house there. You will always find a cheap house to rent within a short time and therefore save your money.
  8. Consider looking in foreclosed homes: Institutions and companies like banks are always looking forward to renting their foreclosed houses to interested individuals at great deals. Such institutions are always in urgent need of selling off part of their investments not accounted for and therefore offer best deals for houses. Contact them and get great house rent deals which will surely help you save a lot of money.
  9. Look for houses in off-season: In seasons like winter season, many families often move to other locations. Their houses always remain vacant. If you wish to find an ideal house, you can look for cheap houses to rent during these seasons as they are also always accompanied by great reduction in prices of the houses. Acquire a house during these seasons and you will spend less and thus save move money. Do not miss out our post on Save Money On Apartment Rent.
  10. Be a home caretaker: Many real estate companies in the U.S nowadays let people live in their houses and apartments as caretakers as they wait for people to buy the houses. People living in these houses pay a very minimal amount of rent as they function as the houses’ caretakers. You can consider registering with such real estate companies if you want to find a cheap house for rent. It will also help you save money.

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