10 Tips To Buy Cheap Toys

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on July-16-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 tips to buy cheap toys. Toys are kids’ best friends that a family person has to buy at one point in life. They can always cost you good sums of money that can significantly reduce your savings. Here are ten ways that can help you improve your toys’ shopping and help you spend less on toys.

  1. Shop off-season mostly after Christmas: Seasons like Christmas are always accompanied by increased purchase of toys. During these periods, stores always increase the prices of toys as demand for them increases. You can spend more on toys during these periods so avoid buying toys at such times. Buy when their demand is low and you will be able to buy cheap toys.
  2. Shop during Sales Tax Holidays: Sales Tax Holidays are days when there is no tax levied on any item that you buy. Start buying all your kids toys on such days and you will always get them at far much cheaper prices.
  3. Consider hosting a toys party: You can organize a toys party for all the kids in your neighborhood. Ask them to come with all the toys they might consider exchanging. It will help you avoid waste as kids only use toys for some time before they get bored with them. At the party, your kid can exchange toys with other kids at no costs and save you tons of money.
  4. Be on the lookout for offers and promotions: There are days when stores offer promotions and special deals on kids’ toys. During these days, prices of toys are always reduced up to 50% off. Use these offers to make most of your toys’ purchase and help yourself spend less on them and cut your budget. This will always help you buy cheap toys.
  5. Make your own: Some of the best toys sold in shops were made by parents. Start making your own at home and you could save hundreds. You can use the help of your child. Making your own will always help you spend only a fraction on the materials needed which is much cheaper than the cost of buying new and packaged ones.
  6. Make a shopping list: One reason why people end up buying expensive toys is that they visit toys’ stores without a list to guide them on what they should buy and how much they should spend. Make your own shopping list well before you visit the toys’ stores as it will guide you and help you avoid overspending on toys. You will therefore only shop within your budget and buy cheap toys for your kids.
  7. Do your homework and shop around: Research well before you shop for toys. You need to visit different stores around and know which one of them sells best toys at cheaper prices. With this knowledge, you can know where to buy good toys for your kids at reduced prices. This will help you save more money as your toys’ budget will be greatly reduced.
  8. Always ask for discounts: Prices of toys are always flexible and retailers can always award you some discounts on the marked prices. Whenever you are shopping, ask for discounts and be persistent. You will always get them, but only if you ask. With these discounts, all your prices will always be reduced and you will save more money on your shopping.
  9. Make most of your payments using cash: Paying using cash will help you stay within your budget and spend less on toys. Credit cards can allow you spend more money on expensive toys, those that you did not even plan to buy. Many stores also charge extra for using credit cards. Avoid these extra charges and carry cash when shopping for toys. You will avoid overspending and unnecessary charges. Your expense on kids toys will therefore be greatly reduced allowing you to save more money. Also, check out our post on tips to buy cheap shoes for kids.
  10. Consider buying toys from rummage sales: Look for rummage sales in your area. You can buy very cheap toys from them. People always get toys when cleaning houses or from those who are moving to new homes. These toys can be much cheaper and still be in good conditions. You can always find cheap toys and increase your savings through these rummage sales.

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