10 Tips To Buy Cheap Soda

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on July-18-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 tips to buy cheap soda. People always like keeping their soda stock well maintained. You wouldn’t like to open your refrigerator only to find it empty whenever you need a drink. Visiting restaurants may be time-consuming and expensive as well. There are 10 ways that you can practice in order to be able to buy cheap soda.

  1. Buy local brands: Many states always exert excessive tax on foreign soda brands. Consider buying local brands, those that are made within your state as they are always cheaper. You could save yourself hundreds of money just by doing this.
  2. Buy soda in bulk: Buying crates, packs and boxes of different drinks at once is always very cost-effective. You will always spend a cheaper amount of money if you buy these drinks in bulk. Do not frequent shopping malls for drinks but reduce your soda shopping to certain intervals. You will end up with a reduced soda budget and save more money.
  3. Buy soda products from discount stores: Make most of your soda purchase from discount stores and you will always save extra coins. Discount stores always give discounts on most soda products bought from them. Their prices are always cheaper than those of other retailers. Shop from a discount store near you and you will always find cheap soda.
  4. Consider buying from wholesale stores and licensed distributors: You should know that soda prices always increase with the increase in the number of people who handle it right from its company to the time you buy it. Retailers and suppliers always increase a certain amount on soda prices to cover for their expenses and profits. Start buying your soda drinks from licensed distributors and wholesalers. These stores always have their prices regulated by the Soda Company and will normally sell at cheaper prices. This will enable you reduce your soda budget as you will spend lesser on all your soda purchase.
  5. Stock up when your brand is on sale: Soda brands always have different prices per week. For instance, coke might be cheaper this week while Pepsi sells at higher prices and vice versa. Know when your brand prices are cheapest and stock up during these periods. Your budget will be reduced as you will have bought cheap soda. also, check out our post on tips to save money on Groceries.
  6. Buy cheap generic soda: If you want to spend less, then you just have to consider what brand you buy. There are drinks which are expensive and branded. In order to save money, avoid these expensive brands of soda and go for the cheap ones.
  7. Ask for discounts from retailers and distributors: Many soda products always have flexible prices on which discounts can be awarded. Always ask for discounts whenever you are buying soda and other drinks. You will always be awarded discounts that will enable you buy the drinks at cheaper prices.
  8. Do your homework well before buying your soda: Soda products are sold in many different stores and all these stores have different prices while some may be similar. Shop around in these stores and ask how much they sell your soda brands. It may take you some time but the results are worth it. You will always buy all your drinks at cheaper prices.
  9. Avoid buying soda in vending machines or restaurants: Many restaurants and vending machines will always charge high on drinks which can be gotten at cheaper prices from large stores like Wal-Mart. You should therefore buy most of your soda from those stores that sell soda at cheaper prices and you will be able to spend less and increase your savings.
  10. Keep track of your soda expenses: Always keep track of the money you spend on soda. You should also be able to make a shopping list before visiting a soda store in order to avoid overspending on expensive soda products. Also learn to stay within your budget and you will always reduce all your soda expenses.

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