10 Tips To Buy Cheap Eye Glasses

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on July-20-2012 under Save Money

Here are 10 tips to buy cheap eye glasses. Finding cheap eye glasses may be difficult for many people. You should learn ways that can help you buy cheap eye glasses and help you save more money. Below are 10 tips to buy cheap eye glasses.

  1. Consider re-glazing your own frame: You can buy new lens and put them in a frame you already have. This is re-glazing. Your eye conditions may have changed and you might be in need of different lens. You do not have to buy whole eye glasses for expensive prices. If you already have an eye-glass you will not need anymore, consider asking your optician to put your new lens on your old frame. This will help you spend less on buying eye glasses.
  2. Order online: Ordering eye glasses online is a good way to cut on the cost of the eye glasses. You should ask your doctor to give you prescription and the measurement for an eye-glass that fits you well. You can therefore use these measurements to order your eye glasses online at a cheaper price.
  3. Buy lens from non-branded lens manufactures: This will help you save a lot of money. Lens from branded manufacturers are always more expensive than those from non-branded manufacturers. Brands always maintain a certain range of prices even for average quality lens that you can find at cheaper prices elsewhere. Save yourself from spending a lot of money on branded lens. Many of these lenses once installed in a frame just look the same.
  4. Look for offers and special deals: Different opticians offer different discounts for their eye glasses. Be on the lookout for these special deals and offers that can help you spend less on buying your eye glasses.
  5. Check your insurance: Your health insurance coverage may cover all your healthcare expenses or even just some of them. Make inquiries on what your insurance has for you. You might be surprised to find out that your coverage is able to pay for your eye glasses.
  6. Keep yourself well-informed: This will help you save more money. Read on eye glasses from blogs, newspapers and other websites that talks about them. You should be able to learn about recommendations from retailers, discount codes and various hacks that can help you buy a high quality but cheap eye-glass.
  7. Ask for discounts: It will not do you any harm to ask for some money off the marked price. Be persistent to always ask for discounts from the optician’s, retailer or wherever you are buying the eye glasses from. You will always be awarded handsome discounts that can help you spend less on your eye glasses.
  8. Consider using repair and replacement plans: Many clinics always organize free repair and maintenance on eye glasses. Some opticians will also replace your eye-glass’ lens for free or a small payment. Stores like Wal-Mart also offer maintenance on eye glasses bought from them for a certain period of time from the day of purchase. Such stores also sell eye glasses at great prices for certain groups of people like kids or for certain periods of the year. You can use these plans to acquire a cheap eye-glass.
  9. Consider using Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Savings Accounts: These accounts not only offer great advantages concerning tax but can also cover your eye care expenses. If you have some money left in your HAS or FSA accounts, you may consider diverting them to your eye-glass expense. Most of the HAS will also cover your eye-glass maintenance and even lens replacement. You can therefore use these accounts to buy cheap eye glasses.
  10. Avoid buying designer frames: Designer frames are always very expensive and cost a fortune. You do not have to spend on such expensive frames. You can find cheaper frames but of same quality as those expensive designer frames. Designer frames might be very expensive just because of their names and premiums. You will be able to save huge sums of money and reduce you’re your eye glass budget.

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