10 Tips To Buy Cheap Diamonds

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on July-25-2012 under Save Money, Save Money on Shopping

Here are 10 tips to buy cheap diamonds. Diamonds are expensive and should be bought with lots of care in order to buy quality diamonds and still use a desired amount of money. It might seem impossible but, for sure, there are tips to buying cheap diamonds. These great ways are as follows:

  1. Start buying wholesale diamonds: The wholesale diamonds are often bought in large quantities and at reduced prices. The retail tag price is always eliminated and thus one spends less and saves money as the value of the bought diamonds increases significantly. Practice this and you will always end up buying cheap diamonds and yet of high quality.
  2. Consider getting a referral: People always shop for diamond jewels. Seek information from these people; friends or even family. There is always someone who knows where to buy fine quality diamonds at cheaper prices. When you visit their recommended stores, always mention them to the sellers. Dropping their names can save you tons of money. This way you will always buy cheap diamonds and increase your savings.
  3. Make your payments in cash: Many diamond jewels shop always charge some extra money for credit card payments. This is unnecessary expense you can easily avoid using cash money. Try as much as possible to carry enough cash when going to buy diamonds. It will always help you buy diamonds at cheaper prices.
  4. Do your own homework and shop around: Perform your own personal research on the online diamonds marketplace to determine their legitimacy as well as their prices for different diamonds brands. You will always know the best diamond deals and whether they are genuine. Doing these always make one determine the best diamonds prices as well as buy from legitimate dealers.
  5. Consider asking for discounts: When buying diamonds in many jewel shops, always ask for discounts. Chances of you being granted discounts on asking are always very high. Be persistent on asking for discounts as this is almost a guarantee of buying diamonds and even other jewels at great discounts.
  6. Lookout for sales in local newspaper listings: There are always many people looking forward to selling their diamonds and diamond rings. They always put their sale offers in local newspapers and magazines. Checkout for these listings. You can often buy diamonds at half their prices through these listings. It is a good method to help you spend less in buying diamonds.
  7. Buy directly from dealers and owners: In sales markets, sales persons are always known to charge extra commissions on goods they sell for their bosses. If you want to avoid these commissions, always ask to deal directly with their bosses. This will always help you cut on the commission charged by the middlemen. You will therefore buy the diamond and diamond jewels at cheaper prices and hence spend less.
  8. Purchase all your diamonds from reputable sources: Always prefer buying diamonds from authorized dealers who have been in the market for longer periods of time. Chances of you buying good quality diamonds are always guaranteed. You will also buy certified diamonds from them at best prices. Their prices will always allow you save some money as you will spend less on diamonds. Check out our post on tips to buy cheap shoes for women.
  9. Buy Diamonds of light carat weights: Diamonds which are of light carat weights are those which are a couple of points shy. Diamonds have Marks which are called Main Carat Weights for instance 50ct and 1.00 carat. Therefore if you buy diamonds whose weights are under these weights, you always get to save a good sum of money. For example, instead of buying a 1.00ct diamond, buy a 98ct one. It will not likely affect the visual look of the diamond but the price will be greatly reduced. This will help you buy cheap diamonds and save money on diamonds.
  10. Lookout for offers and promotions: Jewelers always organize many promotions and offers. During such offers, the prices are always greatly reduced with even a 20-30% discount. Make use of these offers to buy your diamonds and you will spend less and save more.

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