10 Tips To Save Money During Summer Vacation

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on June-20-2012 under Save Money on Vacation

A summer vacation is a time one takes away from work and has time for himself, always, in summer. During this period, families and individuals can end up spending large sums of money with would rather be saved for future expenses. It is always impossible for some people to minimize their summer vacation expenses.

Well, here are the tips to save money during summer vacation and end up having a worthwhile vacation but at a lower expense.

  1. Avoid hotels and opt for vacation rentals: Travelling with friends and family members can be expensive when you stay in hotels. Always look for vacation rentals. These houses can be shared among friends at a cheaper price as compared to the overall price you would have paid in a hotel.
  2. Plan in advance: Make a travel plan on areas you would like to visit, what you would want to see and even the amount you would want to spend. The plan will always guide you to avoid overspending and determine the outcome of your vacation.
  3. Research on preferences and different places for your vacation: Keep yourself informed with the available vacation places, what they offers and compare them with other options. You can determine institutions which offer same vacation services but at a cheaper expense.
  4. If possible consider swapping houses with friends and family: Swapping houses with people in places you would like to visit will help you save on house expenses. You can always swap with a family who want to visit the area you live in as you visit their areas and stay in their houses. There are also several sites online that deals with house swapping.
  5. Stay with friends or families: When going on a vacation to a place where you have friends or families, consider staying with them and thus avoid paying huge sums to hotels and rentals.
  6. Avoid eating out: Eating out in hotels is always expensive and even more when you have a family. You should eat at home more frequently. Meals like breakfast and supper can easily be made at home. At lunch, you can consider eating light and inexpensive foods like snacks.
  7. Consider taking a home vacation: Home vacations can act as good family times and a time to appreciate your own location. This can be your relaxation moment from the rather tedious and long trips. You can even tour your own country, attend local festivals and ceremonies, take photos and attend parties at no or minimal cost.
  8. Use online coupons: The online coupons and coupon codes are very useful in getting low-cost accommodation places. You can use the coupon codes to locate specific hotels in desired locations at great bonuses. This can save you a great deal of money.
  9. Visit areas that are not widely known for tourism: Areas well-known for tourism always have expensive hotels and services which are escalated. There are beautiful places not thriving in tourism but have beautiful scenery to visit. Visit such areas as their services are cheaper than those of areas booming in tourism
  10. Compare transportation options: Transportation can incur large expenses if not well planned. Do not limit yourself to a particular transportation method. Be flexible to use convenient and cheaper transportation. For instance, you can use public transportation if flying and driving would be more expensive.
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Summer vacation does not only need to incur huge expenses in order to be successful. You should always keep yourself well-informed and use various alternatives that help reduce the expenses.

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