10 Tips to Save Money on Diapers

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Here are some tips to save money on diapers.

Diapers are items that a family will always need some point in their lives. They can prove to be expensive and difficult to maintain especially for new mums. Some people even nowadays opt for cloth diapers that are much less expensive than the disposable ones as the cloth ones are cheaper and last an extended; all in a bid to save money on diapers.

There are various ways that a mum can follow to ensure the comfort of her child as well as still save on the overall cost of diapers. These are the ten tips to save money on diapers.

Save Money Diaper


  1. Buy diapers in bulk: Goods like diapers are always cheaper when bought in bulk and wholesale than when individually purchased. Consider buying them in bulk in order to save money. You can make online orders in bulk and have the diapers delivered at your doorstep at minimal cost.
  2. Consider quality: You should under all circumstances buy high quality diapers for your child. Low quality diapers can easily fail you within hours of use and therefore forcing you to change them after a very short time. You therefore end up using a larger quantity of diapers which results into bigger diaper budget. Prefer quality ones and you will always save some money as they will last longer.
  3. Keep informed about the alternatives and consider them: Always be on the lookout for new alternatives in the markets that can help you save money on diapers. You can use the cloth diapers which last longer and are also cheaper. Using them will always make you save money for other use.
  4. Use coupons, offers and promotions: Baby stores always offer these promotions and offers to mums. Coupons are also available that can be matched with their codes and enable you get extra diapers for fewer coins. Diapers are always in promotions and offers. Using these always leave you with some money for your savings account as well as other uses.
  5. Acquire diapers from family friends as gifts: The coming of babies in families always makes family friends and neighbors bring mums gifts and gift vouchers. Ask them to bring you diapers as gifts. This will reduce your expenditure on diapers and reduce your diaper budget. This is an important aspect in saving money on diapers.
  6. Subscribe to a diaper newsletter and keep record of their prices, brands and sizes: Keep a log of their prices and sizes in order to determine the amount you can spend in a daily basis on them. Keeping records on different brands will also help you buy the best brand and at an affordable price thus enabling you to save more money.
  7. Consider using disposable pants: Disposable pants works more like diapers but can last longer than disposable diapers. You can practice on using them to master the tips of preserving them for extra time usage. This will reduce your diaper budget and increase your savings.
  8. Be flexible and do not be a brand fanatic: You can try out different brands of diapers to find which one best suits your child. Do not just make assumptions and rely on only one brand. Be ready to accept other brands which might be cheaper and yet more effective than the other brands. This will help you save money on these diaper brands.
  9. Organize with other mums and shop as a group: Groups always get the best price-off and lowest costs. Use such opportunities to purchase all the brands you need. While in such groups, you can always get where and people to sell to the brands and sizes your child has outgrown. This will help you reduce wastage and therefore save a lot of money.
  10. Buy diapers that fit your child: Avoid sagging, loose or tight diapers which are not meant for your child. This will always be damaged within minutes or hours of usage. Shop for appropriate sizes for your child so as to avoid unnecessary costs on new diapers. This will drive you towards saving good money on your diapers budget.

These are some easy to follow tips to save money on diapers.  Also check out how to save money on baby food.

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