10 Tips to Save Money on Beer

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Here are some tips to save money on beer, and buy beer cheap.

Many people consider beer as a refreshment and great drink to take while taking a rest and a break from a day’s work. People therefore have the tendency of creating drinking habits that will always demand more money. The beer therefore becomes expensive and needs money management skills in order to avoid incurring large sums of money which would rather be saved.

There are ways to curb your expenditure on beer and become an intelligent and conservative person. These are the ten tips to save money on beer.

Save Money Beer

  1. Buy large amounts of beer at the same time: You should thrive to buy large number of beer at the same time. This will enable you buy them at a wholesale price which is always cheaper than the amount spent in buying single bottles. Practice this method and you will end up getting beer for cheap.
  2. Shop around: Look for best beer deals and utilize them. Compare prices in nearby stores. You will always find the brand you need and which store offers it at the cheapest price. Check online as well to find these great offers in certain shops. You will save a lot of money.
  3. Reduce your habit of drinking out: Reduce the number of times you drink out in hotels, bars, and even restaurants. Drinking at these places will always cost more and tempt you to drink even more drinks. This can make you use a large amount on beer, money you would have saved. Drink more at home and save money you use on beer.
  4. Learn how to brew your own beer: Brewing your own beer can greatly change the amount you spend on beer. There are brands of beer you can easily brew with little efforts. Learn how to brew these brands and buy the materials you need as this will save your tons of money usually used in buying branded beer.
  5. Reduce the amount of beer you drink: Beer is an expensive drink. People drinking it always tend to drink more of it and therefore spend more money. If you want to save money on beer then you will have to reduce the amount of beer you drink. Reduce the amount of time you spend drinking and you will save your liver as well.
  6. Consider buying beer in countries and states with lower taxes on beer: Many countries have increased the tax levied on beer thus making it an expensive drink. You should therefore identify nearby states with lower beer taxes thus better deals and buy from them. This method will guide you in saving money on beer.
  7. Buy beer from its discount websites: There are beer selling websites which sell brands of beer at much cheaper prices than the actual price. Buy your beer stock from such websites. Get online and obtain the best beer deals from such websites. This will increase your savings.
  8. Drink local brands: Local brands made in your respective states are always cheaper than those imported from other states. Imported beer has had high tax levied on them making them more expensive. You should therefore prefer the local brands which are cheaper and by doing that you will be saving tons of money on beer.
  9. Buy beer that comes with coupons for other products: Some brands of beer come with coupons for other items. Buy them as the coupons can help you save money you would have used in buying the items provided in the coupons. Be your own manager and be on the lookout for such coupons and their codes. You will surely save money.
  10. Drink cheap beer: Always consider drinking cheap beer brands like keg. This will save you the need to pump more money into your beer budget. You will end up with increased savings on beer.

Drinking beer therefore does not mean that you have to spend hundreds of dollars on buying beer. You only need to adapt the skills used in satisfying your beer needs at the most affordable ways possible. Follow the tips to save money on beer above and you will always end up with increased savings.


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