10 Tips to Save Money on School Supplies

Posted by Vladmir Garvin on May-30-2012 under Save Money, Save Money on Shopping

Here are some tips to save money on school supplies.

School supplies are always expensive to purchase and people always end up spending huge sums of money on the items, money they would have easily saved. Below are ways in which you can save money on shopping the school supplies and add to your personal savings.

1. Purchase school supplies on a Sales Tax Holiday: Sales Tax Holidays are days when citizens of a particular country or state can shop on items without paying taxes. These are the best times for shopping. You can pick books, computers, bags, and all other school supplies during these periods at a much cheaper price. Each state has its own date. You can find dates for your sales tax Holiday here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tax_holiday

2. Buy only those school supplies that you really need: You should make a shopping list before visiting a store. There are many tempting and flashy things in shops which can easily make you overspend. You should therefore only follow your shopping list and take only those school supplies that are important and necessary.

School Supplies

3. Identify what you still have at home and the leftovers of your last shopping: Many people go shopping before ransacking their homes for what they still have. There could be things you kept and completely forgot about. Collect the previous left over school supplies, and them and determine what you still need. That should help you in saving money on school supplies.

4. Shop in supermarkets for basic supplies and as less frequent as possible: You should not make many trips to the supermarket. Have a plan and go shopping for your basic needs at the same time when buying your school supplies. In doing this you will also save fuel. In addition to that, supermarkets offer bonuses on large quantities of goods.

5. Keep yourself informed and shop around: When schools are about to open, many stores would want to get a share of the bigger profits available. They would therefore offer back to school offers on certain supplies. These discounts can help you save good money on school supplies.

6. Shop early and avoid last time rushes: There are many school supplies you can purchase on office supplies and discount stores before school opens. This will help you make right choices and reduce the bulk of supplies you will need when schools finally reopens.

7. Always find supply stores that offer a double duty: There are always stores that sell one item packaged with another for instance buying a notebook and getting a pen free. This can help reduce your school supplies expenditure.

8. Use the daily shopping coupons: Coupons are produced daily in newspapers and online as well. Always be on the lookout for these coupons. Some stores also offer coupon and price matching which can help you determine the best shop to shop at.

9. Check out Goodwill Stores: Goodwill stores have lot of school supplies at dirt cheap price. Especially for things like Bags, colors, etc. you can get them easily at your neighborhood goodwill stores. So, do make sure to visit them once a while and grab some nice cheap school supplies.

10. Modify available school items and let the kids storm your home office: Kids always prefer flashy items and will always not accept school items in poor condition. Wrap them up with covers, stickers and customize them to look new.

Bonus Tip: Hit those garage sales: Garage sales are one of the best place to get school supplies at throw away prices. They might not have exactly the things that you are looking for, but you can always buy supplies that are available and use them in future. You will be quite surprised how far a buck goes when you buy school supplies from garage sales.

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We hope these easy to follow tips help you in saving money on school supplies. Follow these tips wisely, and see your expense for school supplies going down.


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