How To Save Money On Graduation Party

Posted by Bimbita on January-13-2012 under Save Money

Here are some ways to save money on graduation party. Especially for people who are planning to throw a graduation party on a budget.

Mark Graduation Party Invites

Save money by marking graduation party invites online. The best way to get the invites out is by posting the invitation on the Facebook or any other social networking site where most people from the class are going to be found.

Inexpensive Locations

The location for graduation party can be one of the biggest expenses. If, there are people who can be accommodated in your basement or a city park then go ahead and do it. Remember that many city parks allow gathering for little or no fee. Of course, you would have to leave the place really clean else, you can be charged by the municipal corporation. The Church or the local community center can also be a great place to host the graduation party. Consider asking anyone the one who has space to host the graduation party. Do remember the after clean up needs to be done by someone.

Organize Food And Drinks

Food and drinks can definitely add up quite a bit of expense. The menu needs to be simple, and there should be a lot of finger foods. This means small cocktail sandwiches, finger fries, small pizzas, burgers and many more. Get someone to organize them for you. Better still ask a group of friends make them for you. Keep the food simple and have lots of tissues and bins at appropriate places, so that people can chuck the tissues, bottles and other waste in the bins.

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Drink Options

Drink options should be kept to the minimum. Beer is the favored drink and has them chilled and ready for the guests to drink. Planning to make cocktails, and then get the choices ready. Have someone responsible in charge of the drinks to ensure they there is plenty to go around and people aren’t wasting the drinks.

Decorations And Music For The Party

Ending my short post with this last but of course not the least way to save money on graduation party. Decorations and music are a part of the graduation party celebration and need to be organized. Music is a lot easy to organize, and you can hook up the laptop to a pair of speakers and woofer to get the party rocking. Ensure you get the right kind of music that can get the party rocking. Celebrations can be easily sourced from wholesale stores and strung up. Get the creative students to do. All of these can save quite a bundle of dollars when you want to host a graduation party.

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