How To Save Money On Dry Cleaning

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Here are some ways to save money on dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is expensive and can be a major expense. Lets read out, how to cut down the expense on dry cleaning.

One of the ways to save money on dry cleaning is to purchase clothing that is marked machine wash. Alternatives are available for clothing that can be washed in the washing machine instead of being dry cleaned. Clothes that are washed at home can save a bundle of money rather than the clothes being dry cleaned. Plus the problem of dropping and taking delivery of the dry cleaning can be solved by washing the clothes at home.

Some Clothes Can Be Washed at Home Even If They Are Marked ‘Dry Clean Only’

In some instances such as woolen sweaters or dresses, washing them in cold water with the suitable woolens detergent can be as effective as getting them dry cleaned. Sweaters can be washed quite easily in the washing machine on a delicate cycle or even hand washed. Let them dry on their own rather than in the dryer as they can be spoiled or shrink in the dryer. Don’t twist or wring these delicate clothing items as it can cause damage to the fabric. This can cut the cost of dry cleaning in half.

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Compare The Rates of Dry Cleaners

Another useful way to save money on dry cleaning is to compare the rates of dry cleaners. For those that live in metro cities, there are plenty of dry cleaners. Compare prices of the dry cleaners and choose the best dry-cleaners that gives you value for your money. Some will even offer great deals and discounts if you are a frequent customer.

Get Rid of Dirt

As soon as you step inside the house, gently dust off the dirt with the help of a garment brush to get rid of the extra dirt on the garments. It’s best to hang them as this will also preserve the clothing. You can spray a fabric freshener to get rid of the stale smells and odors that the garment could have picked up during the day. Taking care of the garments will also reduce the frequency with which the garments need to be dry-cleaned.

Using Dry Cleaning Kits at Home

At home dry cleaning kits are also available, that can help people in dry-cleaning clothing such as blouses and sweaters. While, others such as heavy overcoats or coats may need a more thorough dry cleaning that can be difficult to do at home. For those that are become extremely dirty, a professional dry-cleaning can still be the best option.

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